Dirty Dozen: The Best Scenes We Missed In January 2021

We love talking about porn as much as possible, but there’s always a few scenes that slip through our fingers and don’t get covered on the blog. So for this edition of Dirty Dozen, we’re taking a look at twelve scenes that we missed in January 2021.

We don’t know how we missed these hot fuck scenes when they originally debuted, but we’re glad that we’re finally getting around to covering them. This month’s scenes include hot bareback fuck sessions from hunks like Michael Boston, Yannis Paluan, Adrian Hart, Thyle Knoxx, and (a personal favorite) Teddy Torres. Take a look at all these boys and many, many more of your favorite porn stars below and be sure to let us know your favorite scenes down in the comments!

1. Sexpresso

Site: Men
Featuring: Adrian HartMichael Boston
This scene is pretty similar to the Joey Mills x Chris Damned bareback scene we told you about last month, but the two are still pretty unique in their own ways. The main difference is the perverted food options for each scene. The Joey x Chris scene used whipped cream for Chris’ cock, but this new scene has waterfalls of oat milk running down Michael’s famous crack. [Watch]

2. Benjamin Blue & Olivier Robert

Site: CockyBoys
Featuring: Benjamin Blue, Olivier Robert
We love watching CockyBoys exclusive Olivier put his dick to good use and this scene with Benjamin is no exception! [Watch]

3. Holiday Affairs | Part 8: Pre-Party Pounding

Site: Helix Studios
Featuring: Tyler Sweet, Jace Myers
Love Jace’s long schlong? Well, this isn’t the only “big dick twink” video on this list, so expect more hung young men to come! [Watch]

4. Double Gets You More

Site: SayUncle
Featuring: David
We hope that David comes back and films more scenes with Latin Leche and the SayUncle crew, because we think that this thick bearded daddy could easily become one of our favorites. [Watch]

5. Yannis & Jeroen

Site: BelAmi
Featuring: Yannis Paluan, Jeroen Mondrian
We briefly told you about this scene last week, but we still felt like it needed a bigger spotlight. Plus I really wanted an excuse to look at these two muscle hunks fuck again. [Watch]

6. Bullied

Site: Next Door Taboo
Featuring: Andy TaylorDacotah Red
This is a weird scene, but I guess if you’ve ever been bullied in the locker room shower and wanted to fetishize that experience, this bareback video is for you. [Watch]

7. Boy’s First Time: Sneaky Cousins Camp Out

Site: Gaycest
Featuring: Cole Blue, Legrand Wolf, Lucas Ryder
We told you that there would be more big dick twinks on this list! This taboo family scene features some boys with some truly thick members. [Watch]

8. Hit the switch button

Site: Men
Featuring: Thyle Knoxx, Gabriel Clark
It wouldn’t be a Men scene if there wasn’t a woman that’s shocked by the sight of gay sex. [Watch]

9. Motivated Buyer

Site: Masqulin
Featuring: Milo Madera, Teddy Torres
I don’t know how we didn’t report on this hot Teddy Torres scene when it originally came out, but I’m glad we’re finally getting to talk about it. I mean, how can you not be obsessed with this man’s huge hairy muscle butt?! [Watch]

10. Red Hot Festivities | Part 4: After the Party

Site: Helix Studios
Featuring: Giorgio Angelo, Mark Wolf, Felix Harris, Tommy Ameal, Cesar Rose
If Helix is going to do one thing, it’s put out an orgy scene that features an excessive amount of skinny twinks! [Watch]

11. Can I Please Join?

Site: Family Dick
Featuring: Jesse Zeppelin, Kai Masters, Braden Taylor
That awkward moment when your uncle gets mad at you for spying on him so he shuns you and doesn’t let you join in on the family fuck fest! (Spoiler alert: The shunning doesn’t last too long…) [Watch]

12. Booty To The Ground

Site: Men
Featuring: Markus Kage, Edward Terrant
This is a great scene for anyone who doesn’t super respect the military but is still turned on by watching a uniformed man get his cock serviced. So if you’re not into seeing campy scenes about our troops, then maybe skip this video. [Watch]


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