Do Not Watch This Video

I mean it. Do NOT.

And by “do not,” I of course mean DO! Not sure where it came from, but I saw it today and just thought I’d share. It looks like an outtake from

23 thoughts on “Do Not Watch This Video”

  1. It just gets too confusing with all those holes down there. Anal sex is much more to the point and theres less to figure out. Gays are always one step ahead.

    1. If you’re tight it doesn’t matter. This Latino guy did that to me b4. I’m vers top so my ass is really tight cause I rarely bottom and I thought he was just rubbing his dick on my hole, but next thing I knew he tried to stick it in. Even though he barely pushed the head of his dick in it was too fast and when you’re tight it hurts like a bitch. Worst pain I ever felt, and I’ve been fucked before and had no problems. It was just him going too fast.

  2. I’m surprised she didn’t slap him, because sometimes straight guys do that intentionally to get anal. If she didn’t want to slap him, one good poke in the eye will do. At least then he’d get an idea of what it is like stop from forcing his penis in her ass.

  3. yikes……..that was painful to watch.

    If some doomas ever poked me a third hole like that I’d be screaming like a damn sissy choir boy.


    And then I’d probably rip his dick off.

    Apparently Mr Pokemon never had one of those shape sorting bucket toys as a kid. Or maybe he did and failed miserably?

    The cylinder block goes into the cylinder hole…the triangle block goes into the triangle hole.. the square…

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