Jason Vario, Shane Amari

Does This Count As Safe Quarantine Sex?

We’ve seen far too little of Jason Vario recently, and he makes a rare 2020 appearance as he busts out of quarantine to have this massage encounter with ripped newcomer Shane Amari (his poor blue mask never stood a chance!).

When last we saw Jason Vario, it was in his hot domination of Draven Navarro at the Cake Shop. But as far as 2020 studio work goes, that’s been it (boo!). Thankfully, Men.com has lured him back for this conscientious scene that shows us how to fuck during the pandemic, leading to some of the more memorable shots and stills of the year (you can always count on Men for the humor!).

Jason Vario, Shane Amari Jason Vario, Shane Amari

Dedicated masseur Jason takes every precaution to keep his clients safe, wearing a face shield and gloves as he sterilizes his table before inviting hot-bodied newbie Shane Amari to lie down (this is just Shane’s second studio scene, both for Men). Shane isn’t jazzed about wearing a mask, but he’s really excited for some human contact after months of waiting for a massage.

Jason Vario, Shane Amari Jason Vario, Shane Amari

Jason oils up Shane’s back and gives him a sensual rubdown, moving his strong hands lower to work Shane’s ass and slide a finger inside. Shane makes a hole in his mask so he can suck Jason’s cock without even taking it off (umm, yeah…I don’t think that makes it safe anymore, but whatever), then the strong top penetrates him missionary.

Jason Vario, Shane Amari Jason Vario, Shane Amari

Shane rides Jason and strokes his dick till he cums on the masseur’s face shield (does that count as a facial?!), then Jason fucks him doggy style and gives him a cream pie.

Jason Vario, Shane Amari Jason Vario, Shane Amari

Fans of either stud may recall that these two have fucked before on JustFor.Fans, and it was just as glorious. Welcome back, Jason!

See the full scene at Men.com!



6 thoughts on “Does This Count As Safe Quarantine Sex?”

  1. Great twist on the mask issue while at the same time a sexy massage fantasy. Love watching how much Shame Amari is enjoying Jason Vario’s huge cock. Looks really delicious as Shane is sucking Jason’s cock and then Shane looks totally in bliss as Jason fucks his ass. Hot scene and fun theme.

    1. Universal Potentate

      That would be coincidence bordering on likely, not irony. Irony is unexpected. If they decided to become medical monks to separate themselves from disease and ended up contracting it from the clean room at the monastery while all of their scene partners remained negative, that would be ironic.

  2. While this is a hot scene, it is neither safe nor quarantine sex. Quarantine sex would be of a distance, and include anal play with a dildo and not bareback. I know this is nothing but parody on the subject, but this goes to show how humans need to have some contact and willing to chance/risk it.

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