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Eight Larger-Than-Life Dicks You Should Check Out Right Now

Are you into shockingly ginormous cocks? Enormous balls? Well, then we have some men for you to check out.

We rounded up eight of our favorite cocks from social media. Some are modified with silicone, some with saline, and some are pumped, but they’re all fucking huge. Take a look at these giant cocks below and be sure to give them a follow on their respective platforms. And if you really want some more big dick action, check out Saline 1000.1 over on NakedSword.

Young Silicone

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Boomber Man

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Bullmaster Bodybuilder

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Big Balls Brazil

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Monster Meat

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Huge Cock Ace

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Pup Maxx

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Living Larger

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23 thoughts on “Eight Larger-Than-Life Dicks You Should Check Out Right Now”

  1. I really like to live with huge balls hanging under my cock between my legs. And I love being watched on the street by women and men.

    1. Phil girthluver

      I love a giant cum bag, Makes me think they can cum a gallon.mmmm,I really love thick fat girthy dicks,it’s such a big hot fetish of mine,it turns me on so much, Love chubs with big thick dicks, would love to straddle one and ride his big thick girthy dick,mmmm so hot…

  2. I totally get being into sex, obviously I read this site, but I don’t understand how one can live life completely focused on sex, to the point of ignoring everything else. I say this because how does one go about normal life activities with something the size of a football, and extra pounds of weight, protruding from their genitals? Or go out in public other than a leather bar? Not to mention the very real danger to their lives. They have to be completely disconnected from birth families, and only have friends centered on sexuality. If I was to come to a family function with this in my pants, my family would rightly have me see mental health professionals. Someone so focused on having giant testicles and penis, cannot play sports, or act in a play, or walk the dog in the daylight, or ride a bicycle (they can, but reality here). This is not an -ism or phobia, this is as bad as shooting heroin, because it can kill.

    1. Neither 4 nor 14 inches; 18 or 22″ arms; a 62 inch set of pecs over a 30 inch waist– handsome, ugly, plain — super skilled/talented, athletic, or business wise (or not) — will not get you into the kingdom of heaven. But what you did or didn’t do with it, might. Tragically sad. Big and glorious assets, etc. are wonderful, to be used and treasured… wisely. Otherwise, arsenic in your Snapple will kill you. Your choice.

    2. Everything is much simpler))) You can live absolutely fully and with large Balls it is much more fun, from everywhere attention and interest)))

  3. Who in their right mind would find this even remotely sexy? This is just disgusting. There are men who, through no fault of their own, suffer from the medical condition of swollen balls. And I highly doubt that they wake up every morning, eager to jump on Twitter to brag about their huge balls preventing them from walking properly. This sick fetishization of a detrimental medical condition needs to stop.

    1. Um, the only medical condition these guys have is a form of body dysmorphoria. This isn’t naturally occurring swollen testicles, it is a result of body modification, injecting silicone, sailne or, as the second poster wrote, “10% glucose”. It is dangerous, and people die from injecting silicone into their genitals… I do happen to like naturally occurring large swinging balls… but this isn’t a safe kink. I had a friend die from a stroke, that I know had something to do with his pumping up his dick and balls. It was very sad, but you can’t stop people from doing what they want to do.

  4. I don’t see any larger than life dicks those are just ugly looking balloon-like swollen balls! They look so gross!!

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