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Elliot Finn Responds To Gay-For-Pay Criticism, Calls Collin Simpson A ‘Little Shit’

In case you didn’t know, porn star and Next Door Studios favorite Elliot Finn is on TikTok and his account is full of revealing videos! The gay-for-pay porn star has several posts that get into how he stays hard while fucking men, what parts about filming with men he actually enjoys, and who his worst-ever scene partner is. (Spoiler alert: It’s Collin Simpson.)

So for today’s big TikTok post, we rounded up some of the most interesting and wild videos on Elliot’s TikTok page, so you can get a good look at everything he has to say. Take a look at the videos that caught our eye below and be sure to sound off in the comments with all your hot thoughts on these TikTok vids!

The scene partner he never wants to work with again:

While responding to a question that asks him to name someone that he never wants to work with again, Elliot stays vague and says that the performer “knows who he is” and calls him a “little shit.” Elliot then revealed in the comments of the same video that the mystery man is actually Collin Simpson – a performer that he starred in a 2020 NDS video with – and even goes on to call the former favorite a “terrible person” in another comment. Yikes!

@theelliotfinn Reply to @beaumcnally2 of course! #nonames #badmodel #questions #spillthetea ♬ original sound – Elliot Finn

When told by a fan that it’s hard to enjoy scenes knowing the performers are straight and don’t actually like having sex with men, Elliot reveals the small things he actually likes about gay porn:

@theelliotfinn Reply to @letsendqueerbait hope this helps (: #model #production #tan #film ♬ original sound – Elliot Finn

Turns out the first time he bottomed was on camera:

@theelliotfinn Reply to @rickyda66 1st time for everything #funny #questions #answer #abs ♬ original sound – Elliot Finn

On finding someone that he can be with:

@theelliotfinn Reply to @bryan_isone2 #relationships #adults #crazy #trust #abs ♬ original sound – Elliot Finn

What he’s doing after he’s retired from porn:

@theelliotfinn Reply to @buddha.1984 great question! #longrun #invest #age #young #blue ♬ original sound – Elliot Finn

‘It’s just work’:

@theelliotfinn Reply to @alainhooner ill answer that (; #model #scene #tan #question #answer ♬ original sound – Elliot Finn

How he stays hard while having sex with men:

@theelliotfinn Reply to @theindieprince heres how it works (; #model #movie #truth #job #florida ♬ original sound – Elliot Finn

[Watch Elliot Finn @ Next Door Studios]


31 thoughts on “Elliot Finn Responds To Gay-For-Pay Criticism, Calls Collin Simpson A ‘Little Shit’”

  1. Vincent Jared (VincentJared193)

    It amazes me that you bitches love to talk cold cash shit and call people names behind a fucking computer but want to cry and whine when anyone talks bad you or anything to do with LGBTQ community. You bitches do realize that porn is a fucking job and male pornstars make more money in Gay Porn than Straight Porn, dumb pricks. As well as sexuality is a fluid construct and it is not dictated by who you slept with, you idiots in these fucking comments are the fucking reason why shit has been so hard for LGBTQ people. Yall quick bash and talk shit about a bullshit stereotype instead of knowing your facts and history.

    1. Sit your ass down somewhere. You make absolutely no sense. If this dude wanted to make money, he could in the str8 side. He could do multiple scenes on a weekly basis and role in cash. There are many men on the str8 side who are porn superstars and who are steadily getting paid. I don’t give a fuck if you think it’s just a job or it’s just porn…

      And as for history… gay porn was considered illusive for a number of years and being gay was outlawed as a crime. We managed to get that shit reversed and use porn as an outlet and representation of our culture and our virtues in being sexual beings. So, hell yes a number of us true gays are completely turned off and mad as hell when we have guys like him who invade our spaces. We had to do our best to get the gay label because of the way str8 people treated us. Now that we have it, they want to creep back in and include themselves. Oh hell no.

      It doesn’t matter how many guys like you who call us “bitches” and “dumb pricks” spew that fluidity shit and want to use the queer label as this bubble term, gays and lesbians will outnumber that shit always.

      Fluidity/queer shit is a mess. Firstly gay men aren’t queer, we’re gay. Queer was what was thrown at us as an abusive slur term back in the day and now it wants to be used as a term of endearment for inclusion. Please. Elliott Finn’s little TikTok moment was not helpful it was harmful and spoke of nothing more than just fluff.

  2. Michael Timothy Carney

    There is a reason the studios keep these impostors on retainer,its called business,and the crossover straights and women out number paying gays. Gentlemen you refuse to spend money on the real thing,im never going to pay for porn,well surprise,others will,face it fans our pretentious,queen,bitchy steeling attitudes are to blame,and not only for porn,clubs are dying off,bath houses,cruises,the younger gays love everything thr older generations did for freedom,they just don’t want to pay for it,in short the new generation are freeloaders,and bring nothing but a shallow occupation with historic gay genocide,13teen reasons why handling of this crammed in less than 1 season,no exploration of how he got the virus,the human cost of living in a society like the one they portray is a farce.a whole season on his death and the community rx is the least they could do,because we know there are others comming down the same road. If you dare to do this,don’t use straight anything,go find the ghetto ,fancy clubs,find out how,when,where why,its not all nice and tv land,that was how is was in late ’70’s,’80’s’90’s,all from,alfresco Canadian air host who knew he was sick………

    1. Vincent Jared (@VincentJared193)

      Dude STFU, You’re mad because GAYS hired him for a FUCKIN JOB. How would you feel if you couldn’t get a job because of your sexuality, I bet you would hate that shit because hate to burst your bubble SHIT LIKE THAT STILLS HAPPEN FOR BLK PEOPLE LIKE ME. How bout getting off your fucking high horse and actually do some research because the bullshit you spewing is definitely inaccurate as fuck.

  3. Elilott has a sugar daddy ‘manager” in Wilton Manors he lives with when he’s not chasing chicks with his fellow straight “roomate’ Justin Matthews. Hilarious .Wonder if it was Colin Simpson who tore Finn’s rectum?

  4. The fact Elliot Finn can’t answer a single question without screwing up his face into weird looks is proof it’s all a performance and nothing is honestly spoken.

  5. On top of all that … Elliot lives with fellow Porn star “Justin Matthews ” and they still hook up and do only fans.vids …Thats a weird Boundry boys for so called Hetro boys sharing a crib .

  6. I truly believe that a person’s sexuality is their business only. However, the actor who plays “Elliott” seems adamant in almost every interview etc declaring his heterosexuality. So it clearly bothers him that people who are aware of him , might suspect he is gay! heavens forbid! imagine that !

    A colleague oh his who is a gay porn veteran , still looks amazing and going strong recently told me on DM via his onlyfans that the Gayforpay guys are kidding themselves on .- he claimed that most of them either pansexual or bi. He himself is married to a woman and always denied he is gay now admits he’s completely Pansexual.
    As for Colin ! i will never forget the night i witnessed him nearly OD on chatterbate

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  8. Isnt gay4pay just code for still closeted? He was married and has a daughter But anyone that can suck cock as good as him and enjoys getting fucked in the ass as many times as he has is GAY

    1. Universal Potentate

      I think “bisexual” is the word. As far as marketing, “str8” is a label that sells well.
      If you proactively are seeking sex with both genders, then you are, by definition, bisexual.
      We’ll never know his real thoughts based on his social media.

  9. Claims he owns properties and plans to do some real estate on them (good English) but until recently he was living out of his car and homeless, porn does not pay that well and since seeing his videos and learning his dislike for gay sex I refuse to watch any of his videos. Gay porn for gay men. This just perpetuates stereotypes of what gay men think they need to see the fantasy of a straight man. Oh and no straight men I know like to get fucked as much as this turd lol

  10. This guy is a damn joke. If you thought you were being transparent and if you thought it helped, you were wrong. These TikTok posts just make you seem uninteresting and fake. I thought he was gay at first but then he started doing some trans scenes and that made me not really interested but now that I know he’s definitely G4P and that the only thing he enjoys is the “art of editing” he’s lame as fuck.

    Like many others… I want to support GAY models in GAY porn. I’m sick of these dudes claiming they’re str8 too. Truth of the matter is that no truly str8 guy is going to fuck another man. Point blank. Let alone bottom for them. Mr. Finn just go away please.


  11. Hmmm is that why some gay porn guys look like they would be a top but are mostly filmed in bottoming scenes… hmmmm. I do have to say that it is a bit disheartening when you find out that a sexy guy who probably was the fantasy of many turns out to be “straight” and just doing it for the money. It really does ruin the fantasy, doesn’t it. No judgement against those “straight” guys who do gay porn, but really… it is pretty disappointing.

  12. well i didnt know Elliot was not gay but after his tick tocks i wont waste my time any more i prefer to watch guys that ARE actually gay

  13. On screen Elliot comes across as a cock hungry bottom so it’s stupid of him to tell his fans that he doesn’t love getting fucked. That makes him less appealing to watch.

  14. Universal Potentate

    Okay … so what’s up with his eyes? He’s 27 and he looks like Vince Vaughn. His abs are on point and his face is structurally cute, but he definitely needs a shave and a facial … maybe better allergy meds? I dunno.

  15. Collin is a fruit basket who cannot handle the gay label. A basket full of fruits and nuts missing the nuts to be a man and admit he is bisexual at the least.

    1. Jonathan Hinson

      I’m sorry. It does not turn me on to see a str8guy have sex. People say they are just doing a job. If you are so intent on letting everywhere know you are str8 , maybe you need to find another profession. Some of these str8 guys do not act as though they are enjoying this so I guess most give lousy blowjobs as well. I am tired of straight guys queer baiting and using their gay audience to make a buck and this applies to both porn and YouTube. It ruins the fantasy. I want to see a truly gay man (Alex Mecum, Max Konnor, Diego Sans–, etc) And don’t t tell me that because one or more did transexual porn, it means they are not gay. Trans porn is not straight porn ( despite that channel “Straight Studs) people like Wesley Woods, for example, can fool themselves but getting sucked off by a trans person is not straight porn and I speak from experience.

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