Ethan Sinns, Derek Kage

Ethan Sinns & Derek Kage Flip-Fuck, Tug On Some Foreskin

It looks like Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Beau Butler and big booty bro Michael Boston aren’t the only flip-fuckers filming with Falcon! Joining these two as part of the studio’s all-versatile film Give and Take are the stiff poles and hungry holes of flip-fuckers Ethan Sinns and Derek Kage!

For the latest scene of this brand-new movie, Derek is an enjoying afternoon of being lazy, reading a good book, and lightly toying with his own cock as he lounges around his lavish home. When that isn’t exciting enough for Ethan, he decides to sensually disrupt the relaxing reader until both versatile men are completely naked, orally servicing each other, and getting ready to dive deep into some bareback flip-fucking.

While this scene counts as the first Falcon | NakedSword appearance for Derek Kage (the uncut hunk in the above photo giving a hard tug on his foreskin), this isn’t the first time we’ve watched Ethan Sinns put his cock to good use in a project for this studio group.

The sinful stud made his debut just a couple of weeks ago in the premiere of Skintight from Hot House and director Trenton Ducati. In that vid, we got to see him get his hole shaved by muscle heartthrob Sean Austin before he used his hard cock to top the man’s bubble butt. If you want to see our original write-up of that scene, go ahead and head here. After you’re done with that though, take a look below for some preview shots of Ethan’s new scene with Derek:

So what do you think of this new versatile hookup? What’s your favorite flip-fuck porno of all time? Who do you want to see Derek or Ethan hook up with next? Let us know in the comments below and if you want to see more from these flip-fucking men, be sure to watch the full scene right now over at Falcon Studios!

[Watch ‘Give and Take’ ft. Derek Kage & Ethan Sinns]


7 thoughts on “Ethan Sinns & Derek Kage Flip-Fuck, Tug On Some Foreskin”

    1. kale is gross.

      foreskin is a part of the penis that evolution has seen fit to keep intact for many, many thousands of years.

      try, oh i dunno, thinking about things every once in awhile.

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