Even More Pictures From L.A. Pride

Except these ones, including shots of Chip Tanner in a skirt with a finger up his butt, are from a professional.

I stole a bunch of pride pictures from Twitter earlier today, but now someone else has done the work for me. Thank you Gabe and Rolling Blackouts for sending along evidence of what gay pride is truly about: Drunk naked porn stars, trannies, public nudity, go-go boys, public sex, drunk naked go-go boys, drag queens, drunk drag queens, and R&B singers who hire DJs to remix their dance tracks into gay club anthems because they couldn’t make it as R&B singers.

Here’s everybody at Hyde in L.A. on Friday for the pride kick-off party. Out-of-drag drag queen Pandora Boxx with Randy Blue’s Jeremy Lucido, a quartet of Randy Blue performers/dancers, Brandon Wilde making out with in-drag drag queen Rhea Litre, and Randy Blue himself with Nicco Sky:

MASON STAR!!! with Rhea Litre.

DJ Chi Chi LaRue (does she ever get a break?!), more Randy Blue models (including Travis James) but with clothes, and Nicco again:

Nicco and the porn star who told everyone that Mason Wyler had Hep C, the changing room, Travis James kissing a possessed Andrew Stark, Jarrett Rex and Johnny Hazzard, Ciara? (Ashanti?), and my boyfriend again:

Finally, it’s promoter HollyWoody with Landon Conrad, and the hot circus freak show that is Chip Tanner:

[Rolling Blackouts]

19 thoughts on “Even More Pictures From L.A. Pride”

  1. Chip Tanner is adorable in this skirt , I hope he keeps making youtube videos. He has Aspereger’s syndrome, which is a light form of autism.
    Please educate yourself before calling him a “retard” , he’s very articulate and intelligent but this kind of condition is generally frowned upon by the average white trash american.

  2. I love Pandora Boxx.

    Chip Tanner is an attention whore. But I don’t mean that in a disrespectful manner. I mean it in a exhibitionist sort of way where he seems to get off on the attention he gets for his antics.

    I know it’s politically not correct, but Andrew Stark makes my knees weak. Are his eyes in the pic photoshopped? He looks like a Teen Wolf or Twilight extra.

  3. I’ve met and spoken to Chip Tanner. What an ass!! He was dating Travis James at the time and thought he was the belle of the ball. He’s just an embarassment. Randy Blue has done better. And as much as the peeps loves Travis, not that impressed. He’s more impressed with himself. Just ask him.

  4. i know chip tanner is “special” and has some sort of mental disorder or whatever, but why does he think being a gay porn star means its OK for him to dress in strange quasi-tranny drag? We get it: You’re sexually confused. But don’t make yourself look gross.

    1. Wait, “special” for serious? I always thought he kinda spoke like a retard or like he has a hard time forming sentences.

      1. Supposedly he has Asperger’s but he reckons he doesn’t really have it and he just got labeled as that because he was such an “unconventional” kid.

    2. Chip Tanner is the shit… he’s crazy in the best possible way… don’t hate on those who are different, it shows your ignorance. And you clearly are ignorant if you don’t know the story of the man behind Gloryhood…

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