JC, Lan, Liam

Ever Walk In On a Cheating Boyfriend…and Join the Fun?

Here’s a tip: If you need to go to the grocery store to buy some eggs, don’t do it when your hunky neighbor is having a shirtless workout next door and tempting your boyfriend with his big sweaty pecs.

That’s the hard lesson that handsome Liam learns when he leaves boyfriend JC alone. In JC’s defense, I’m not sure any of us would be able to resist the lure of Lan, whose 6-foot-3 body looks even better when he’s doing bicep curls half naked (that chest…my lord!) and oiling up his smooth muscles.

JC, Lan, Liam

JC, Lan, Liam

Cute JC motions the neighbor over, and soon he’s slurping on the jock’s thick cock. JC then sits down on the stud, the bottom’s own boner bouncing like crazy as he rides. After taking it doggy, JC gets on his back for more deep dicking…when Liam gets home from the store, seemingly unbothered by what he finds. He takes out his cock and strokes as he watches, then joins the fun.

JC, Lan, Liam

Liam dives his tongue into their groins, then fucks his boyfriend as JC sucks Lan. The two soon switch positions, and this is were we get the hottest sequence: The bottom on his back getting fucked by Lan, with Liam bending down to slurp on JC’s rock-hard cock as he gets fucked (talk about sensory overload…his moans get even louder!).

JC, Lan, Liam

JC, Lan, Liam

Lan finally cums on Liam’s face as the boyfriends 69, then JC takes a facial from Liam as he also squirts. Some very hot men and action here, although I hope Liam is harder in this scene than the trailer seems to indicate.

See the full scene at Sean Cody!


7 thoughts on “Ever Walk In On a Cheating Boyfriend…and Join the Fun?”

  1. I believe it was: you (bf) can go; you (trick) can stay. And then changed gate code.
    Over the gate intercom later that night. bf) I am so sorry. me) dude we have and open relationship, but not in my bed. Use your own hovel.
    I let him in, had him change the sheets, start the wash, make dinner and then sent him home.
    We were together till he had to go back to Iowa to help his ill father on the farm, and still go on a couple of vacations a year.

  2. Yes I have and joined in on the sex. Next day I threw his stuff out and took back the key while he was sleeping. Told the complex manager he is no longer a tenant. No longer putting up w/ his cheating ways. All his belongings were in couple of boxes along w/ change of address card.

  3. Yeah I did, joined the fun. When the now ex-boyfriend went to sleep, I took off the apartment key. Took the next day off. While he was at work I removed all his clothes and mail and put it in boxes. Gave the mailman the news that so & so no longer lives here. In the now ex’s box I left the change of address card. Told the manager of the apartment building under no circumstance will he be allowed in the apt. Called the ex’s cell and left a voicemail saying he is no longer a roommate here and his stuff is in the apartment storage.

    Told him one too many times, do not bring hook ups here. If you want to break up, be man enough and man up and move on. No he did not know where I worked, so he could not harass me, and blocked him on cell and his work phone…..That was the LAST straw.

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