These two power bottoms get pounded by hung Steven…and each other.

After our resident gang of hotties break off and fuck their new buddies in a game of “7 Minutes in Heaven,” couple Steven Lee and Devin Franco reconvene to celebrate. “I can still taste the cum on your face,” smiles Steven as he kisses his lover.

Devin Franco, Steven Lee, Dakota Payne

Dakota Payne walks by, thinking the day of fun is over...but is instantly invited to hop on the couch for some serious smooching. Steven finds himself in the middle of the two cute pleasers, who take turns slurping his big dick, peppering in kisses and nip licks.

I love the closeup of Stevens’ big balls twitching as Devin sucks, the stud soon standing as the subs tag team his shaft and sac—Dakota’s face dripping with spit as he comes up for air after a face fuck. Steven arches down to kiss Dakota, whose boner grazes the alpha’s leg (hot!).

Devin Franco, Steven Lee, Dakota Payne

Dakota slaps Steven’s cock in Devin’s face, the two soon licking it from both sides—Steven reaching down to finger Devin’s hole. Devin then sits on Steven’s face for some munching as Dakota continues to suck, another big explosion of spit erupting (“God dam that’s a big dick!”).

Devin goes back and forth on the two cocks, gasping for air as he slurps them both—then kissing Dakota as Dakota jacks Steven’s monster—a visual I can’t get enough of.

Devin Franco, Steven Lee, Dakota Payne

Dakota then sits down on Steven’s rod, riding it as he kisses Devin—then hops off for the two to suck it again, tasting Dakota’s ass off that huge shaft. Dakota hops back on “Bounce on it!” yells Steven, his voice muffled by Devin’s ass).

“Suck my dick!” demands Dakota of Devin, the bottom’s eyes rolling up in his head as his ass and cock get worked over at the same time—another great visual (Dakota’s face is a treasure!).

Devin Franco, Steven Lee, Dakota Payne

Devin then wants his turn, gyrating down Steven’s cock with a great rhythm as he stares Dakota in the face: “God, his cock is so big!” Dakota stands to feed Devin’s face, moaning “Ride that fucking dick!” as Devin gasps for air.

This fuck (so far) is all about how the bottoms control the action, and it’s a hot change of pace—Steven lays back and enjoys as his huge cock gets the royal treatment from these two pros. Devin stars to ride Steven faster and harder, Steven then taking control when Dakota shoves his dick in Devin’s mouth.

Devin Franco, Steven Lee, Dakota Payne

Dakota then gets on all fours, his ass munched by Devin as Steven plows his face (“Fucking choke on it!”). Dakota turns around and tells Steven to “Get in there!”, the top leaning over to kiss Devin as he pounds Dakota.

Dakota moans like crazy, and his face is an absolute wet mess (watch around 20:09!), spit falling from his face as he voraciously tells Devin “Gimmie that nipple!” This man is a fucking sex machine who knows how to keep a viewer engaged every second he’s on screen.

Devin Franco, Steven Lee, Dakota Payne

Now on his back, Dakota gets his face filled with Steven’s cock and fucked by Devin—Steven then bending down to suck Dakota as he gets fucked. Steven whips his dick on Dakota’s face, then arches down to kiss him.

“I wanna fuck you!” moans Dakota as he stares at Devin, and he gets his wish—Devin getting on his back to get stuffed at both ends. “Fuck yeah…squeeze down on my dick!” yells Dakota. “Tighten that fucking hole!” (I love this guy!)

“Come here…taste your ass!” says Dakota as he switches positions with Steven, feeding Devin his cock as Steven fucks the bottom. Dakota leans in to kiss Steven, Devin moaning as he gets rammed—and a big Dakota load soon flying over his face.

Devin Franco, Steven Lee, Dakota Payne

Dakota shoves his wet dick back in Devin’s mouth, then licks the bottom’s nip as Devin jacks out his load. Steven then sucks him (sensory overload going by Devin’s reaction!) before stroking out his wad over Devin’s sac and hole—immediately driving his dick back in as Dakota licks up cum drops off the bottom’s bod, the sucks Steven before the three kiss.

Cast: Devin Franco, Steven Lee & Dakota Payne
Series: 7 Minutes in Heaven
Director: Tony Dimarco
Running time: 31:11

The Dirty Details

Sucking: 4 out of 5
What better cock to watch two dudes share than Steven Lee’s? I could watch Dakota and Devin go back and forth on it all day, one slurping his balls as the other takes the shaft. Dakota also has some great spit messes in a few spots.

Rimming: N/A
Technically, there is rimming, but we really don’t get to see much of it at all…Devin has his ass planted on Steven’s face earlier in the scene, but the camera is more focused on Devin and Dakota’s interplay—and their worshipping of Steven’s cock.

Fucking: 4.5 out of 5
Devin and Dakota take turns fucking each other, and both ride Steven—a lot of variety and some great sit-down shots. These two really control the action, particularly Dakota (and he does an amazing job at it!). I’m a tad disappointed there is no fuck train (even though promo materials indicate some footage of that was shot), and no DP.

Squirts: 3.5 out of 5
Decent round, especially Dakota firing over Devin’s chest.

Chemistry: 4.5 out of 5
Smiles abound throughout this scene, and all three are having a great time. .

The X Factor: Dakota’s verbal driving of the scene…and that wet mouth!

Hottest Shot: Dakota’s frothy mouth dripping with spit as he gets fucked by Steven.

Total Rating: 4 out of 5

4 eggplants rating

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