Cade Maddox, Troy Accola

Exclusive 5★ Review: Troy Accola Makes Falcon Debut in Sweaty Grudge Fuck with Cade Maddox

Is this Cade Maddox’s best scene ever?! What a way to welcome Troy to Falcon than in this smoldering 35+ minute effort punctuated by constant kissing, heavy breathing and two hot bodies that get sweatier with each thrust.

Since his debut some five years ago, we’ve mostly seen Troy Accola at Cocky Boys, Icon Male and Helix. Now, he finally gets his very first Falcon fuck, and what a better welcome than to get railed by GayVN Performer of the Year Cade Maddox!

Cade Maddox, Troy Accola

The two play bickering boyfriends, and from the very opening, their fight sets up a heated tone that invigorates every thrust throughout the scene. “Don’t fucking touch me!” yells Troy, who then gets thrown and pinned to the bed by Cade and his strong arms (fuck yes), the top leaning in forehead to forehead, staring Troy right in the eyes before kissing him. That’s right, we get both tough and tender Cade in a matter of seconds.

Cade Maddox, Troy Accola

Troy wraps his arms and legs around Cade, and rubs his hands on his chest. Cade kisses down his stomach, and just when we think he might whip out and suck Troy, he turns him over and goes right for his ass. He starts with slow licks that show off his tongue, Troy moaning as he grips the sheets. Cade leans up and kisses him, Troy’s face wet with spit.

Cade Maddox, Troy Accola

Cade takes the rim job up a notch, spreading Troy’s cheeks and diving his full face in, breathing heavy as he munches—then getting a few licks on Troy’s cock as he pulls it down underneath. I LOVE the sounds of Cade’s breathing and slurping.

They roll over, Cade gripping Troy’s ass as the bottom grinds on him.  Cade slurps and strokes the big boner in front of his face, Troy rubbing the top’s building bulge. And the smooching continues—I love the continuous kissing throughout this scene!

Cade Maddox, Troy Accola

Troy works his way down, kissing Cade’s tight abs and working up the tent in his sweatpants—finally releasing his big dick. Troy takes his sweet ol’ time kissing and licking around Cade’s groin and balls, making him wait. “Clean my ass,” instructs the top, Troy moaning “Fuck!” as he passionately licks up Cade’s hole—slow, steady and slurpy, his tongue swirling around as he takes a deep breath.

Cade Maddox, Troy Accola

Cade strokes his monster, moaning “Good boy” as Troy gets a few licks on it, then engulfs his balls. “Get your ass on my face,” says Cade, the two 69ing as Troy gulps and gags on Cade’s cock—one of the hottest shots of the whole scene. He coughs as he tries to go all the way down: “It’s so thick!” (Counters Cade: “Put it back in! Spit on it…get it wet!”).

Troy sits up, smothering Cade’s face with hole as the top munches like a fiend. Troy then gets back to work on Cade’s hole, getting the area all wet (look close and you can see his mouth tugging as Cade’s leg hair…so hot!).

Cade Maddox, Troy Accola

Troy props that big dick up again and slurps on it—Cade fucking his face from below, getting him to cough some more. I could literally watch a full scene of just this—it’s so fucking hot. You can see and hear Troy’s excitement. “Spit on it…get it nice and wet!

Cade then commands Troy to sit on his dick (“Yes, sir!”). Troy slowly sits down on it, their heads touching each other as he tries to take it all in. “There you go,” whispers Cade, encouraging him.

Cade Maddox, Troy Accola

“You feel so good,” says Cade as he looks up, and Troy smiles as he repeats it back to him. Cade grips Troy’s ass (love that tanline!) and rams his cock up , then holds Troy’s legs to help him bounce up and down. “Fuck yeah…come on. Use me. Use my dick.” (I’m loving how Cade is getting more verbal…not loud, but verbal.)

Cade thusts up hard as they kiss. Troy turns around and continues to ride, his dick bouncing around (“There you go!” moans the top), getting harder as Cade goes faster. This man is a fuck machine, and his stamina, energy and commitment to plowing hole is hot as hell.

Cade Maddox, Troy Accola

Troy gets his chance to drive, going all the way down as Cade stays still. The top then rolls Troy on his side and deep fucks him from behind, the bottom gasping for breath—the two clasping their hands together and then kissing (so sexy!).

Troy rolls onto his back, Cade spitting down before shoving his dick back in—leaning in for another kiss. “Fuck, that’s so hot!” moans Troy, shaking his head as he stares at Cade’s cock ramming him.

Cade Maddox, Troy Accola

Cade spits on his dick for lube, Troy reaching up to rub Cade’s tight stomach (love this…you can see how turned on he is by that body). Cade picks up the pace, Troy jacking as their bodies get wetter with sweat.

“Right there!” moans Troy as Cade hits the spot, the bottom jacking out a big load all over himself. Glistening Cade moans “Fuck, I’m about to cum!” before pulling out and squirting all over Troy’s balls, legs and stomach. Troy then sucks on Cade’s cum-soaked cock before they share another kiss.

Cade noted “Definitely one of my favorite scenes to film so far” when this scene debuted, and it’s easy to see why. This is arguably his best scene ever, and Troy is his perfect match.

Cade Maddox, Troy Accola

Cast: Cade Maddox & Troy Accola
Series: Mind Fuck
Director: Chi Chi LaRue
Running time: 37:00

The Dirty Details

Sucking: 4.5 out of 5
If this scene were just Troy coughing, gulping and gagging on Cade’s cock in the 69 sequence, I would be in heaven. (And Cade gets a few slurps in on Troy, too!).

Rimming:  5 out of 5
This is rare! Both the top and bottom give 100% commitment to worshipping ass, and it’s fantastic. Cade varies his tempo, showing off his munching versatility (you can tell how much he loves it), and I love how Troy takes his time in and around Cade’s hole and hairy legs.

Fucking: 5 out of 5
Another home run, with great variety of positions—highlighted by the sit-down fuck where Cade shows off what a machine he is.

Squirts: 4.5 out of 5
Two hot loads coat Troy, and they both feel like they come naturally during the fuck—which we rarely get to see.

Chemistry: 5 out of 5
Couldn’t be hotter…you can see and hear how much these two are into each other, as evidenced by the constant kissing throughout.

The X Factor: The sounds! The constant stream of smooching, licking and breathing is the best soundtrack ever.

Hottest Shot: The shots of Troy going down on Cade’s beast during the 69.

Total Rating: 5 out of 5

5 eggplant rating

See Cade Maddox and Troy Accola in Mind Fuck at Falcon!


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  1. Handsome Troy got the Cademan treatment: tender and gentle in the beginning but then aggressive and dominating so that the bottom knows just who’s in charge.

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