The trio gets sweaty in the sex club in new Raging Stallion hit Manscent.

Licking his lips at the sex club, Drake Masters rubs his pecs, strokes his cock and eagerly watches the glory hole…just waiting for something to slurp on. He soon has two customers, as Brian Bonds and Logan Stevens slide their cocks into the holes, looking down at Drake from the top of the barrier.

Logan Stevens, Brian Bonds, Drake Masters

“That’s it, all the way down,” says Brian as he watches Drake deep throat Logan. The camera catches Drake’s gorgeous backside as he sucks, his muscular shoulders, lats and ass popping on camera. The two kiss as Drake goes back and forth on them; Brian’s cock bobs up (a great shot has spit dripping down from it), although Logan isn’t fully hard right away (but gets there about six minutes in—his cock throbbing  up as his light bush fills the glory hole).

We edit to an aerial shot that looks down on Drake on all fours. Logan is munching his hole, while Brian is fucking his face. Logan soon slides his dick in, getting Drake to moan like crazy (“Like that big cock in your ass?”). Logan goes back to eating his hole, Drake grabbing hold of Brian’s harness as he kisses him.

Logan Stevens, Brian Bonds, Drake Masters

Logan fucks Drake again, the two alphas kissing above the bottom. Logan goes back to spreading, munching and fingering Drake’s hairy hole in between fucks, and Brian fucks Drake’s mouth harder. Brian gets down on his knees, staring at Drake and getting verbal (“That’s what you come here for…stuffed by two big cocks!”).

The two tops switch positions, Brian spitting on Drake’s hole and burying his scruffy face inside as Logan holds Drake’s head down on his cock. Brian takes a nice pause with his face in Drake’s ass, sniffing it before standing up and fucking him—another great aerial shot looking down at Drake’s amazing back and ass.

Logan Stevens, Brian Bonds, Drake Masters

Brian gets great depth, the camera catching his big dick sliding all the way in and almost all the way out. Logan leans over and spits down on Brian’s cock—then into his mouth after the top says “Gimmie some!” (very hot!), their two foreheads touching in a great shot. Brian varies his tempo nicely, pinning Drake further down in an extended fuck.

Logan then gets on all fours, slurping Brian’s cock as he gets fucked by Drake. I wish there was more verbal interplay here; Brian is really the only one who tries, but he goes silent in a few sequences. But it’s hot watching Logan’s tanlined ass quiver as it gets rammed, and watching Brian’s big dick slide in and out of the bottom’s mouth (and Logan’s back gets really slick and sweaty, shining on camera).

Logan Stevens, Brian Bonds, Drake Masters

Logan wants to feel Brian inside him, so Drake pulls out and watches—Brian wrapping his arm around him and kissing him as he fucks the bottom, then letting Drake fuck him again as the two go back and forth.

Drake spreads Logan’s cheeks and spits down on them as Brian fucks, then gets inside Logan again—with Brian getting behind Drake for a hot fuck train. The camera looks up from below as Drake does the work in the middle, driving his cock and hole fast—fantastic shot!

Drake pulls out and squirts on Logan’s ass, cum sliding down his taint. Drake shoves his cock back in—and continues to get fucked by Brian. Brian then gets Logan’s ass all to himself, plowing hard and fast as more great shots look up at the action.

Logan get on his knees to suck Brian (“Taste your ass!”), then gets on his back for more. Brian blasts over Logan’s groin before diving back in hard, Logan then shooting a load on his stomach—which Brian proceeds to lick up before kissing Drake (very nice touch!).

Logan Stevens, Brian Bonds, Drake Masters

Cast: Logan Stevens, Brian Bonds & Drake Masters
Series: Manscent
Studio: Raging Stallion
Director: Steve Cruz
Running time: 42:13

The Dirty Details

Sucking: 3 out of 5
Drake is the only one to suck in the opener; the gloryhole shots are hot, especially with Brian’s bobbing cock (although it takes a moment for Logan to get stiff). Drake is never sucked, although Brian feeds both of their faces during the fucking. Would have been hot to see Drake try to get both in his mouth at once.

Rimming: 3.5 out of 5
Brian and Logan get some slurps in on Drake’s hairy hole, and I love how Brian takes his time and really soaks it in.

Fucking: 4.5 out of 5
Drake and Logan both bend over, and the fuck train at the end is the highlight. No DP, and no sit-down sequences. Brian’s big dick gets a real workout, and he stays hard throughout. I love watching that big piece at work! All of the aerial shots are fantastic, looking down at either Drake’s or Logan’s muscular backside as they get stuffed from both ends.

Squirts: 3.5 out of 5
Drake’s is the hottest—he explodes on Logan’s hole, and the jizz drips down the bottom’s taint before Drake shoves his cock back in.

Chemistry: 3.5 out of 5
Brian leads the way here, but overall these guys are pretty quiet, which at times hinders the overall impact.

The X Factor: Brian’s cock. Always hard. Always big. Always beautiful.

Hottest Shot: Without a doubt, the low angles looking up at the fuck train, with middle man Drake doing a great job sliding in between the two studs.

Total Rating: 3.5 out of 5

3.5 eggplant rating

See Logan Stevens, Brian Bonds and Drake Masters in Manscent at Raging Stallion!