EXCLUSIVE: We’re Talking Dildos & Sex Shows With Superstar Sir Peter

XXL dildos. Nude drawings. Live sex shows. Fucking in the great outdoors. Jacking off to Trenton Ducati. We’re diving deep into all this and a whole lot more as we sit down for an exclusive interview with everyone’s favorite hung sensation – Sir Peter!

We were lucky enough to recently catch up with Sir Peter during a very major time for the international superstar. While in a luxurious villa outside of Barcelona, we chatted with Sir Peter just moments after he wrapped filming his first-ever project for Hot House Video and just days before his Strong Suit foursome took home the trophy for Best Group Scene at Grabbys Europe. As if that weren’t enough, this was also the same week that Sir Peter was announced as the newest Falcon | NakedSword exclusive and the same week that NakedSword X Sir Peter, the four-part limited series that Sir Peter directed, produced, and stars in, made its world debut on NakedSword.com.

During our time together, Sir Peter opened up to us about his new series, his goal of showing fans a new side of him, and his eagerness to learn from other filmmakers in the industry. Of course, we also learned all about his new dildo, just how much silicone it actually takes to replicate his massive member, and if he’s ever used it on himself. Check out our conversation below and for even more from this heartthrob, head on over to NakedSword.

First off, congratulations on your exclusive contract with Falcon | NakedSword!
Thank you. It’s very exciting.

You’re coming out the gate as a Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive with this NakedSword X Sir Peter limited series. You star in all four scenes, you directed it, and you produced it. That seems like a huge undertaking. What was it like making this series?
It started as me trying to give my fans a more personal knowledge of who I am and the duality of myself. I think everybody has that – my career, my job, and me. I think a lot of people still think of Sir Peter as a character or something that I created to be in the porn industry, which is a mistake and that’s why I did this to actually make fans see that this is part of Miguel. They both exist and they need each other. That was the main reason – to show fans who I am.

Producing it, directing it, and starring in it… I wanted to challenge myself. It’s been four years [in the industry] and, I was like, I want to do something more because I love what I do, so I want to learn. I’ve learned from very amazing directors and producers what it takes and it’s a big thing to take on. But most of all, I just enjoyed the process. I enjoy learning and how things are done. I’m just grateful to the team, to Trenton [Ducati], to Alter Sin, to the team from Falcon that actually believed and saw something special. That’s what makes me more excited is that someone saw something in me. I’m just beyond grateful for it.

Speaking of Trenton Ducati, he actually requested that I insert a question into this interview asking you how much you love him and how much you love being directed by him.
Yes, I love him. When I was younger, because he’s a little bit older than me I think, I used to jerk off watching him, so it’s an honor for me to actually to know him. It’s amazing to actually see him work and I always learn from observing and when I don’t know something and I want to know, I just ask people like him questions.

With Trenton and his co-director, Ryan Brian, you guys just shot a Hot House scene here today right outside of Barcelona. Without giving too much away, because it still doesn’t come out for a couple of months, can you give fans a little tease about the scene?
Yes, it’s a very – how do I say this? We are in Barcelona. What to expect in summer in a very exclusive house with very hot guys around? I think you can have a picture in your mind. I think Barcelona, the sun, and a pool will make you very excited.

And then going back to your NakedSword X Sir Peter series and Barcelona, you guys show some absolutely beautiful locations. Was the entire project shot around here?
All of it was shot in Barcelona. Two scenes in one place and the other two scenes in another. So that’s more of what I’ve tried to say in the limited series – as Sir Peter and Miguel. They co-exist. You will see ying and yang. And for you to see dark, there has to be light as well and to be light, you need to actually have darkness. So, for me, that’s my main goal was trying to convey that without saying it.

I’ve watched all four episodes of the series and the visual imagery in it is striking. It’s such a beautifully shot project.
He doesn’t like me to say this, but I have to say this, cause I think he’s amazing. Alter Sin helped me through it and he has such an understanding of what is cinematographically beautiful. He understands what I’m saying without me actually expressing myself well enough. He understands my vision and he’s a big part of it.

Again, it’s very personal. If you saw all of them, you saw you see that the last scene is actually the most personal in the project and in my life. I was never that open to my fans about that part of my life. And I have to say, I put everything in place, in order, the scenes, and all of it. But I have to say, I didn’t watch all the full fourth scene, the last scene, so that’s how personal it is.

Can you give fans a glimpse of why that fourth scene is so personal to you?
It’s very simple. It was the first time I shot for a studio with somebody that I love and you don’t expect Sir Peter to love. [Laughs] It happens very rarely, but that’s the truth.

In a couple of your scenes, some of the more gorgeous moments have you filming outside. Is outdoor sex something you enjoy in your personal life?
Everything that you see in the movie is what I like and what I do. For me, sex is not about thinking – just to feel it and just go with it. And that’s why I think after these four years, if I look back, I think people will actually tell you that they like my scenes and they like what I do because I’m in the moment. I’m not thinking about what I have to do next. I do whatever comes natural and I think that’s one of the reasons, again, that if you saw the whole movie, you’ll see that it’s different. It’s me. You can tell it’s Sir Peter. I’m not trying to be or to do anything that is not me.

In the first scene, you are with François Sagat and that’s a showstopper of a scene. What was it like being sketched by him? Was that actually him drawing you?
Yes! Still crazy to this day and don’t know how he said yes. I don’t know how I had the courage to actually ask him, because, you know, he doesn’t do that much. But one thing about him that you never see – fans or people that don’t know him – is that he’s very like me or I see myself a lot in him. He’s a very shy guy. I am too. Takes time to warm up to people. He’s the most incredible people in the industry that I met.

He’s a very good artist and he decided to actually draw me while I was in the field as you see. It’s signed, so it’s worth a lot of money. More than that, the whole thing was just kind of an out-of-body experience. He’s amazing and that sketch is in my house. I already showed Trenton and Tim [Valenti] actually. It’s there for as long as I live. It’s beautiful.

I love that. Now, as a Falcon | NakedSword exclusive, you have this series, the Hot House movie you just filmed today, another NakedSword project that you’re filming in Barcelona this week, and a lot of other fun projects coming up. But you’ve also been in a lot of Falcon | NakedSword projects in the past. One of the most recent ones was NakedSword X Beau Butler –

– where you were in a threesome with Beau Butler and Austin Sugar. Before that threesome though, during the scene’s interview, you actually teased that you had a dildo coming out soon. Now, just a couple of months later, you have a dildo out!
I have a dildo out! It’s one of those things that seemed like it happened so fast, but at the same time, it feels like I’ve been working so hard that the time is not as I see it or people see it. I’m very proud of it. It took more or less two years to actually have it done the way that I wanted it. I wanted it to be as pleasant as possible for anybody to use. No inches or centimeters added. It is what it is. What you see is what you get. I wanted to have the best quality for the product and if you decide to buy it, you only need to buy it one time, because I don’t want you to buy 20 dildos. Just one that will last you and make you happy for a very long time.

Was this something that fans have been asking for? 
Yes. Even before I even thought about it, they always said I should do a dildo because they want to experience how it feels for me to be inside of them. Like, I can try to be inside of everybody, but that’s a lot of people, so the second option was to have a dildo and that’s what happened. It comes with a comic book that I started first and those two things are my babies.

You said no inches and centimeters added. What is the actual process of getting a mold of your dick?
Well, I tried it for fun the first time. I went to a sex shop and bought the cheapest things there and I did one of myself, but, of course, the material is very hard, so you just couldn’t sell. But the process is – you have this guy with the buckets mixing some pink paste and you have to be very quick, because you have to be as hard as you can. Basically, you shove your dick inside of the bucket, just press it, wait a few minutes, take it out, he fills it up with another paste, and he takes it home and makes a mold, a cast.

I told him, come in the morning, because I’m very hard in the morning. [Laughs] He actually came with the permission of his wife. He’s straight and the wife said yes. I was like, don’t tell me after that your husband tried to be with another man because of me. I’m not saying that it didn’t happen – not him – but other people with wives.

It was very nice. I felt comfortable. It’s just cold when you put your dick in. So cold.

The end product looks great. Especially the packaging on it. It looks excellent. Congrats.
I tried to think about you as the consumer and me as the consumer. I tried to give you something different than you already have or can expect to buy from other guys and, if I was on the other end, what I would like to see. So there are two versions of the box. One is limited and hand-signed as well. The other is more Instagram-friendly and all of that. But I never thought the box would be so big, because my dick is big apparently. It takes like 700 to 900 grams of silicone to actually make one dildo. So that’s a big box as you saw. So I tried to think of something outside of the box of what you can expect.

And then the question I’m sure everyone’s asking wondering – have you used it on yourself yet?
I did and you’re going to have to wait to see it on my platforms. Trust me.

I think when I tell my scene partners that it’s going to be okay and I’m not going to be rough at first and I’m not going to hurt you… I get it now. [Laughs] It took me a while. I have to say, all the people that I’ve shot with, you’re all amazing, because that takes time.

Any other major projects we should be watching out for? I hear you might have something in Chicago coming up?
Yes, so I never did a live sex show, because in Europe, I think they don’t actually give you your worth that I think everybody deserves for doing that. So I never did that and I decided – again, I like to be challenged – that I was going to a live sex show for my first time ever in Chicago and it’s going to be with Beau Butler. So, it’s perfect. Wait and see me there. Come if you want. If not, for Pride in Europe, just come. I’m going to do my first-ever live show in Europe, so you’re more than welcome to see me live.

Want more? Hit up SirPeterShop.com for the official Sir Peter dildo and after you’re done with that, catch all the NakedSword X Sir Peter action featuring Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Sir Peter, François Sagat, Marco Napoli, Bastian Karim, and Lawson James over on NakedSword.com.


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