Finn v. Finn: Are You Team Scott or Team Elliot?

It’s been a busy week for the Finns over at Next Door Studios, where Elliot and Scott teamed up to worship a big dick…and then Elliot comes back for more cock with his jock bud Kyle Wyncrest. Which of the Finns floats your boat more?

Caught By the Boss

Scott Finn, Elliot Finn, Brock Johnsyn Scott Finn, Elliot Finn, Brock Johnsyn

Scott Finn, Elliot Finn, Brock Johnsyn

So I sort of dig the whimsical setup to this office romp, which initially plays out like a silent movie from the days of yore (you know, when people over-acted with their facial expressions to compensate for the lack of audio). Elliot Finn and Scott Finn look cute in their dress shirts, and their desires explode at at work. Elliot is soon on his knees slurping Scott’s hot knob under the desk, when boss Brock Johnsyn (credited as Brodie Johnsyn in the trailer) discovers them and whips out his big dick to join in the fun. We get some hot suck combos, and then the workers take turns getting fucked. Elliot’s facial expressions get to be a little too much at some points, but I am fond of seeing him get fucked by Brock and sucked by Scott at the same time.

See Elliot and Scott worship Brock at Next Door Studios!

Shake On It

Elliot FinnKyle Wyncrest

Elliot FinnKyle Wyncrest Elliot FinnKyle Wyncrest

Bro, there’s no way athletes in gay sports leagues could ever beat straight sports dudes. That’s the argument that gets Elliot and his straight (wink wink) roommate Kyle Wyncrest into a bet that apparently goes Elliot’s way, as he gets to have sex with his brah. The two swap sucks before Eliot bends over for his bud, where once again I’m distracted by the bottom’s excessive eye rolling as he takes dick (what’s up with that?!). But that’s okay, because anytime we get to see Kyle’s big bushy dick and hot balls it’s a good day.

See Kyle fuck Elliot at Next Door Studios!


48 thoughts on “Finn v. Finn: Are You Team Scott or Team Elliot?”

  1. anonymouslySlutQueen

    Easyer sayd than done…
    Afterwards, some still wonder why less and less true homosexuals/gays watch gay things even on the internet, saying that gay stuff isn’t gay anymore. – considering that everything is becoming more and more fake without any emotion, it is not surprising.
    We don’t need to look at why only four percent of true homosexuals/gays watch this stuff right now. – then all the others prefer to do it ourselves, and only for ourselves, privately.
    There are many reasons why real gay porn is dying/disappearing at an extremely scary rate, one of the main reasons is that the producers no longer have enough money to pay for everything, and therefore all the best in the field are no longer there. – working for real in real jobs worthy of the name.
    Porn and prostitution have always been extremely linked by certain types of mentality, but the reality is quite different. – prostitutes are free beings, not a pornstar, who are forced to do with some more macabre impositions than others, and therefore the fact of being the least paid on Earth since ever.

    1. Universal Potentate

      What on Earth are you talking about?
      There are more real couples and genuine sex in porn than ever.
      4%? Where did you get this number.
      Gay porn is disappearing? According to who? What statistics?
      Producers don’t have enough money? I can assure you that is not the problem. Besides production in the OnlyFans age means something very different.
      Porn and prostitution are not linked. Or … maybe you need to explain how that is.
      Prostitutes and Porn Stars are both free beings. Often human trafficking leads to worse outcomes for prostitutes. But given we’re talking about citizens of 1st world nations who avoided any criminal enterprise, porn stars are very free. That might also require some definition. “free”
      But prostitutes have sex with johns for money. Porn Stars might do solo. Monogamous partner only. Work with select friends. Work within a studio of professional, drug & disease free partners. Some porn stars like Reno Gold don’t have sex at all!
      And least paid? I think that’s migrant farmers. Porn stars, like any free lance profession, make a wide range of incomes from $0 to millions. No idea what the average is, but I know there’s a lot of them, a lot in the industry for decades and new ones arriving. Something is keeping the industry afloat. I don’t think it’s poverty.

      Yeah … every single thing you said was wrong. Oh … and WHAT is easier said than done?

      1. anonymouslySlutQueen

        Come work with us and see it for yourself. – i can assure you, you’ll be disappointed with what’s all is hidden behind all that is posted in internet. Almost everything on internet is totally fake/lies.
        It makes soon twenty nine years that i know all sides of homosexual/gay porn by heart, i don’t need to someone dictate my own job specialty. – contrary to the majority in the field i prefer remain human. (and really help those who need help for real)

        1. Universal Potentate

          Can’t answer a single question or even stay on topic. I’m gonna chalk this up to drug abuse with bad sentence structure.

        2. Obviously English is not your first language so some things are getting lost in translation. I’m sorry you have worked for shitty studios or are willing to do things you find unsavory for less pay than you deserve. I have worked in the industry on and off (telling my age) since 1985 and have seen it all. Things are far better today than they were back then. I’m joining up with Joey Mills in encouraging performers to insist that studios pay no less than 1K for a scene. Studios can afford it but they need to do the very unpopular thing and scrub all the share sites of at least newer content if not all. OF, JFF, and 4MF are all real options now. I work with private content creators to locate their videos so they can get them pulled down. Things can be better but it won’t happen in a vacuum

          1. anonymouslySlutQueen

            I just realized that we say almost the same thing, but in different ways and with different words. (I have only now received the acknowledgment of this message that you left)

  2. For once I have to admit their cuteness to all…
    … – even if there is a bit of ignominy in the cotexts concerning certain details of their persons/beings.

  3. Elliott’s smarmy videos where he brags about how he has to use numbing cream because he hates how gay sex feels… Maybe that does something for others, but it takes me out completely.

  4. Universal Potentate

    As an outside observer, you’re an idiot who doesn’t understand the definitions and usage of words. Stop trolling. Stop being stupid.

      1. How about you stop trying to be relevant? I believe you know where the door is, use it and make good choices… elsewhere

          1. If you’re talking to me, my brain is infected with the AIDS. Monkeypox would require physical contact with another human being and I’m content living in my NYC High Rise Apartment looking down on you

            If you weren’t, please look thru my other comments. I’m sure I’ve said something worthy of a comeback

  5. I honestly could not care less about how these prostitutes on film live their lives off camera..honestly? who gives a shit??!! All they are good for is a passing glance while you troll onto something you find a bit more spank worthy!!and even then, they are forgotten as soon as you blow a load so why would anyone care who is gay or straight, bisexual or transexual..most of them are just drug fucked welfare cases that are a huge burden on society, with an early death just waiting to happen, with lives so fucked up words can not begin to explain how they ended up ass up with a cock balls deep in their so called straight holes while being filmed!! If anyone can prove me wrong…go for it!!!

    1. Honestly, the majority of people doing porn don’t fall into your fucked-up outdated stereotype. I’d say anyone projecting this much hate towards sex workers and specifically, porn performers needs some gold old-fashioned therapy. Your moralizing stance concerning the real people working to get others off would be laughable if the anger didn’t make you seem so unhinged. I think the term gay incel was thrown your way, I think GAYCEL fits you better… honestly, seek help before you go full blackpill

  6. Sorry. I’m not interested in watching a guy who clearly stated that he’s str8 and doesn’t enjoy gay sex. That’s not a turn on. It’ll never be something to invest time or money into and it makes scenes that could be magical, just terrible.

    1. Universal Potentate

      Seriously … what is this obsession with someone being “truly gay”?
      It’s porn, not politics.
      I truly don’t understand why anyone cares about someone’s off camera life when they’re on camera. Is this JUST social virtue signaling or is there something I’m missing?

      1. Right? Who cares if they like pussy and do str8 or bi porn even? They’re not going anywhere near their cocks IRL. I mean it’s not like they’re murderers or rapists or vegan or something.

        1. Universal Potentate

          Exactly! These are sexual professionals. Critique their performances. Leave the negativity to broccoli munchers and guys who can’t deepthroat!

      2. No one said anything about truly gay. No one wants to see or support someone who has said numerous times that they hate gay sex. Only some desperate asses would want to watch or support some shit like that. If someone said the hated what is the essence of your identity and you give them a free pass or excuse them, then you may have more problems than he does.

        And furthermore, it really shows how low some in the gay community would be if they enjoy watching someone who clearly has disdain for us while making money off of us.

        He’s the one who keeps pushing it down our throats about how much he dislikes gay sex. No one even asked him to say a damn thing in the first place. So you keep defending him at all costs while he milks you dry.

        1. Universal Potentate

          That was a series of PAINFULLY ridiculous assumptions, most of which are either untrue of psychologically invalid.
          Again … this is viewing porn. This isn’t voting for a politician. I know the midterms are around the corner, but THIS is just porn.
          People get to like what they like … and that’s okay.
          I’ll never understand gays who try to proactively suppress someone else’s sexuality.

          1. If SEX “is the essence of your identity” you need to take a good look at yourself.
            The only disdain I see is coming from you, he has NEVER said anything against gay people.
            I’m not even a big fan of Elliot’s, but slagging him with LIES is indefensible

        2. If SEX “is the essence of your identity” you need to take a good look at yourself.
          The only disdain I see is coming from you, he has NEVER said anything against gay people.
          I’m not even a big fan of Elliot’s, but slagging him with LIES is indefensible

          1. Gay sex is definitely a part of our identity. We’re homosexuals and we enjoy having sex with men only. This man states numerous times that he hates it and yet he does it anyway. That’s because he’s a user, he’s lame, you two are basically the only ones defending him, he will never wanna fuck the two of you and if he hates gay sex so damn much, he needs to go the fuck away. Period.

          2. Universal Potentate

            On the sexuality scale … imagine a line of SEXUAL ATTRACTION. On one end is 100% gay on the other is 100% straight. In the middle is perfectly bisexual.
            Now stop caring too much about that one because it’s the least important.
            On the Y-axis line, there is romance. This is who you truly love and can have social ramifications (ie secret lover). Also on end is 100% Heteroromantic, one homoromantic, middle biromantic.
            But NOT the most important line.
            There is an X-axis. The DO YOU CARE line. One end is a drive to identify as your orientation (ie Straight Pride), the other is a desire against your orientation (ie Gay Republicans attending straight Pride). In the middle is a willingness to conform to social standards.
            It doesn’t matter if you’re totally gay, totally homoromantic, if you just don’t care then you cannot relate to people who have strong feelings on the issue. Sexuality is NOT our identity. It’s who we are … sure. But this mystical word “identity” seems to be held by people at the extremes. Same with trans people. Most people who think about their gender don’t care that much. I’m male but if tests showed my identity leaned female, I wouldn’t have either a breakdown or a breakthrough. I just don’t care.
            I’m bisexual. I truly love sex with a male and female partner. But if someone said “You’ve had sex with 1000s of men. You’re gay.” or “You’re currently monogamously married with a woman trying to have kids. You’re straight.” in either case, I think “I can see your point.” Other people’s judgements don’t phase me, aside from knowing with whom to avoid sharing said details.
            You REALLY care. And that’s the big issue. I’ll donate a little, sign a petition, vote against bigotry or let loose at a gay club, but I’m not walking down the streets in a rainbow flag.
            But I’ll defend your right to do so. And I’ll defend a 20-something porn who’s CLEARLY still figuring himself out from abuse from zealots.
            You can dislike him all you want. I’ll defend your right to state personal preferences. But don’t start a witch hunt and put that shit on the rest of us.

  7. Straight and gay sex does nothing for him. Some gay men can’t bottom but straight Elliot takes dick and enjoyed it. I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale

    1. When you wake up in the morning do you set out to prove just how miserable you are, or does it just your default setting?

    2. This Nice Andrew says: Elliot Finn is a good gay porn bottom. He obviously sees it as a job and a way to make money. Scott Finn is a great gay porn performer. I’m sure he sees it as a way to make money, but when he wraps his lips around a big cock it’s obvious that he loves his job. I love watching Scott get some good cock and earn some money.

  8. Haven’t. watched the scene but definitely Team Elliott. Yeah, I’m aware of all the “Im really, really straight” stuff but lord, the kid is hot as fuck.

  9. Universal Potentate

    Elliot is really stiff. Jayden Marcos is also a stiff lay. Just pound away. Focus on your scene partner, not the camera. In the 2nd scene, Kyle didn’t help matters along.

    1. Where the fuck do people get their information?

      Elliott is openly straight and says gay sex does nothing for him.
      Scott, on the other hand, is openly gay and truly Vers. Obv I’m team Scott

      1. By fucking a str8 gay 4 pay, they’re HYPOCRITES. Elliott is not straight, he is a bisexual dumb fuck who cannot handle the gay label. I would pay to see some Black guys fist his so called straight ass until it cannot close anymore.

        1. I don’t think you know what the word hypocrite means, because you’re using it completely wrong, so I’ve included Merriam-Webster’s definition here

          1. Your comment just contradicted you stating I don’t know what it means on both accounts.

            1) Elliott Finn appears to be a bottom but calls himself straight.

            2) He is acting in contradiction to himself being straight by being in gay porn.

            Therefore he is a HYPOCRITE!!!

          2. “By fucking a str8 gay 4 pay, they’re HYPOCRITES”
            I see no hypocrisy in the actions of the other performers. You’re saying Scott, Brock, and Kyle are guilty by association. That is how you’re using the word wrong. You’re entitled to your opinion, but not your “facts”

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