gay porn star hoss kado

Fourgy Time At GuysInSweatpants

Even porn stars have bucket fuck it lists. Today, Miller Axton, Vincent O’Reilly, Hoss Kado, and Mateo Vice move each other to the “done” and “even hotter in reality” column.

Throw them all together, starts recording, and capture the hotness only works at one site: GuysInSweatpants (GiSP).

They put a lot of time in casting models with compatible, not competing, sexual agendas.

As a product of setting up their men, and us, for sexual success, they don’t need backstories or silly set-ups.

This results in scenes, like the one today, that can only find at GiSP.

gay porn star hoss kadoLast time we saw Miller Axton, he made Griffin Barrows bust twice in what Griffin called, “best sex I’ve ever had in my entire life on or off-screen.” Vincent O’Reilly is quickly becoming one of GiSP’s go-to bottoms. If Hoss Kado looks familiar you may remember him as Jared from Sean Cody. And Mateo Vice turned up previously tag teaming Casey Jack with none other than Austin Wilde himself.

gay porn star hoss kado“These guys have been craving each other for the longest time, and we finally let them go at it.”

gay porn star hoss kado“Miller even admits that Vincent and Mateo have been on his “list” since day one. The sexual tension was high so we unleashed them, and let them devour every each other … every inch and hole.”

gay porn star hoss kado“Mateo and Miller took turns fucking Hoss and Vincent, tagging each other in and trading bottoms mid-fuck. Miller’s got that perfect “make me cum” dick, so he went down the line, fucking a load out of each of the guys. The best might be Hoss telling him to “choke me!” as he intensely blows his load.”

gay porn star hoss kadoThe final blow ends with all three of the guys on their knees begging for Miller’s load … and all of them taking it on their faces and mouths.

[Watch Hoss, Mateo, Miller, & Vincent in “That Orgy Though” at GuysInSweatpants]


2 thoughts on “Fourgy Time At GuysInSweatpants”

  1. Hoss Kado is SSSOOOO God Damn hot!! Check out his other stuff. He’s a truly angelically beautiful human being.

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