Fuzzy Russian Newcomer Mounts 8-Inches of Thick Brazilian Beef

We’ve been a big fan of Russian bear Nik Fros since he made his debut in May riding Tim Kruger’s big meat. Since then, the bottom has been lining up the hung tops to tackle, including Ethan Metz, Caio Veyron and a double stuffing from Tim and Lucio Davoli. Who’s next on the bottom’s dance card?

None other than Mario Galeno, who we haven’t seen in nearly three months (far too long for my liking) since he manhandled hot German newcomer Chris Sins. Chris got nice and slurpy in that pairing, and Nik does, too (it must be the girth of Mario’s shaft, which forces these bottoms to open wide and the spit to start seeping out).

Mario Galeno, Nik Fros Mario Galeno, Nik Fros

I know Timtales is heavily focused on the fucking, but my favorite shot here finds Nik on his back, head tilted down as he gets a face fuck. As a sucker, it’s arguably one of my least-favorite positions. But as a porn watcher, it’s hot as hell—especially when we get to see Mario’s rock-hard pole released from Nik’s mouth, the shaft pulsing up to the ceiling with force.

Mario Galeno, Nik Fros Mario Galeno, Nik Fros

Nik then takes it up his fuzzy Russian hole, looking beefy and handsome as hell the whole time. He moans as he takes it doggy (check out his arm muscles as he takes it!), Mario slowly going all the way in and out before pausing; and the bottom’s own thick dick looks nice and juicy as he sits down on the top.

Mario Galeno, Nik Fros Mario Galeno, Nik Fros

I also love how Nik’s muscle pecs shake as he takes it on his back, Mario’s muscle bod glistening with sweat as he drives hard as hell (listen to those flesh-smacking sounds!) before unleashing his load over the bottom’s bearded face.

See the full scene at Timtales!


1 thought on “Fuzzy Russian Newcomer Mounts 8-Inches of Thick Brazilian Beef”

  1. I wish there’s a selection of Russian models to choose to watch getting fucked. Do people have like favorite Russian bottoms?

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