Get A Look At These Ginger ‘Cousins’ And Their Incredible Bodies

The category is body! Porn newcomers Max Lorde and Felix Fox are making their Trailer Trash Boys debut and they are serving up some serious muscle!

In this new scene, these fit ginger hunks are “cousins” who open up their own plumping business. They even have a commercial that features just about every single sexual plumbing innuendo that you can think of. Take a look below:

Well, as you could have probably guessed, these boys are pretty horny and as a result, aren’t too great at their jobs. While assisting with a plumping job, Felix gets distracted by his cousin’s plumber crack and starts putting all of his focus on his personal pipe.

The boys then fully ignore their responsibilities and we’re blessed with a gorgeous view of their chiseled muscle bods as they engage in some taboo, bareback flip-fucking.

So what are your thoughts on these two boys? Are you super into them? Do you want them back for more trashy videos? Yes? Well, then I have some good news for you.

Trailer Trash Boys exclusively tells us that “we’ll be seeing more of them for sure.” So pop the champagne, whip out your dick, and celebrate that we’ll be getting many, many more opportunities to stroke our cocks to these men!

Are there any porn hunks you want to see these “cousins” team up with for a trailer trash fuck session? Sound off with your dream scenes below and be sure to watch their new scene over at Trailer Trash Boys!

5 thoughts on “Get A Look At These Ginger ‘Cousins’ And Their Incredible Bodies”

  1. Felix’s body is ridiculous. The other one would be alright if he wasn’t already on RFC, which immediately puts me off.

  2. Universal Potentate

    The problem is that one is SO sexy that he makes the other guy look unattractive.
    The other is crazy sexy. Don’t get me wrong, but not bu comparison!

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