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Gay porn star Ryan Rose’s Twitter feed continues to be a source of joy and inspiration (and irony!) for us all. Here he is responding to a fan(?) with a “he hit me first” excuse for last weekend’s Phoenix Forum Tragedy, in which Ryan Rose assaulted his now ex-boyfriend Bobby Hart, whose own Twitter feed is equally amazing in its own right.

Just wondering: Have any of Ryan or Bobby’s so-called friends and loved ones—whose schmaltzy well-wishes and cloying words of encouragement have been just as visible on Twitter as Ryan and Bobby’s meltdowns—considered telling them that maybe, just maybe, they should take a break from the internet? God, I hope not!


8 thoughts on “Good To Know”

  1. Being a hot Sean Cody model doesn’t exempt you from being mental ill or substance abuse. More time should be spent with a therapist or a 12-step meeting and less time at the gym.

  2. He said it was all his fault (Ryan), that he was the jealous one all along. That Bobby was nothing but a great guy. The story is changing. I agree that anyone who knows them should tell them to go to rehab. Normal people don’t get drunk and beat each other up. Do they?

    1. As I pointed out when first posting this quote on the previous ‘It’s A Love Thang’ thread, I ADORE THESE GUYS! RRXXX’s what-you-bitches-don’t-know tweet made me spit-take over my early morning coffee.


      MORE TWITTER HORNDOGS CIRCLING!!(Especially fan poetry and drivin’-n-cryin’)


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