Sean Xavier

Gorgeous Sean Xavier & His 9-Inch Dick Finally Return

Where the hell have you been you sexy fucking beast, Sean Xavier?! It’s absolutely criminal that we haven’t seen much of this specimen at all the last few years, but he makes a glorious studio return in this new CockyBoys scene, his first studio effort of 2022 (and in years!).

For the bulk of his career, which began in 2011, we saw Sean and his 9-inch dick at Lucas Entertainment (my favorite: we get to see Sean bottom in a hot threeway with Andre Donovan and Jeffrey Lloyd!). By 2019, we just saw a few scenes, and only one in 2021 after nothing in 2020 (Lucas most likely filmed those scenes in the previous years and held on to them, as the studio often does). The stud been doing some fan site content in between, and now we are blessed with this new scene, where Sean—looking absolutely more handsome than ever (it’s so unfair that someone gets to have that face, that bod and that dick!)—pounds the hell out of twink Jack Bailey.

Sean Xavier, Jack Bailey Sean Xavier, Jack Bailey

Lucky Jack starts by getting a mouthful, his head bend over the edge of the mattress as Sean feeds him his monster (which we first see grazing the bottom’s body…it’s huge even when it’s soft!). He gulps and does his best, and then Sean buries his handsome face in Jack’s smooth hole (and we also get to see Sean suck Jack back, too…I love to see that!).

Sean Xavier, Jack Bailey Sean Xavier, Jack Bailey

The top then takes control, making the bottom moan in position after position…starting slow until Jack’s breathing can catch up. After getting pinned to the bed, Jack sits down on the huge cock. We also get a hot piledriver as Sean exerts his control, pulling the bottom’s body up by his legs and pounding down (and Jack looks so cute throughout, his expressive face showing us how much he loves it).

Sean Xavier, Jack Bailey

Jack shoots his load, then sits on Sean’s face as the top explodes. Love to see how Sean kisses Jack throughout, and I’m giddy that he’s back. In a recent Tweet, he wrote “This was a blast to shoot. Can’t wait for more!” So it sounds like we’ll be seeing more of this hunk soon (whoo!).

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


8 thoughts on “Gorgeous Sean Xavier & His 9-Inch Dick Finally Return”

  1. Great to see Sean back! Better is Sean is no longer with Lucas Ent. studio. Sean is exceptionnal because he shows respect and guidance of pleasure to his partners. Plus, Sean has a a real and a full charm – his smile… . Great Sean! Welcome back!

  2. Oh, yeah! Always loved Sean (just look at the pic above of his tongue in Jack’s beautiful pink hole…). But now, and always (for me) Sean will be the man who first topped Rhyheim Shabazz on camera!!!

  3. I’m sorry this man one of the sexiest individuals in the industry. Yeah his cock is big, however he has so many great aspects about him that gives him that extra over some of the leading ones. He does not care what his face looks like giving oral to someone. #marrymeseanxavier

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