Giorgio Angelo, Mark Wolf, Will Nouvak, Fabrice Rossi, Felix Harris, Francis Gerard, Sly Conan, Sonny Davon, Jack Moon, Edwin Mendez, Corey Vargas, Al Phenix

Helix Studios Releases Its Biggest Group Scene Of 2020

Helix Studios is back with another one of its hot group sessions and this time the popular studio is amping it up with a whopping eleven twinks going at it in a steamy bareback orgy.

The new group video acts as the finale to Helix’s Brotherhood of Games series and its largest group scene of the year. The previous record holder for Helix’s most-attended 2020 group fuck goes to the seven-man finale of their Latin Campus series.

This new eleven-man scene actually features six of the seven performers that were part of the Latin Campus orgy. Fabrice RossiFelix HarrisFrancis GerardSly Conan, and Sonny Davon all make appearances in both videos and the new scene features the addition of Giorgio Angelo, Mark Wolf, Will Nouvak, Jack Moon, Edwin Mendez, Corey Vargas, and Al Phenix.

And yes, if you were counting, you’ll notice that there’s actually twelve credited performers (in addition to a credit for the character “El Maestre”) in this eleven-man orgy. Since this scene features a bunch of people wearing masks, we’re not really sure who the odd man out is, but let’s not dwell on that too much. Just focus on these eleven twinks slamming their naked, skinny bodies together.

If you’re going to watch anyone specific in this giant group scene, it should be Felix Harris – the top who’s fucking the jock strap twink in the below photo.

Felix has been part of a bunch of great Helix scenes that we’ve previously told you about and is always a great addition to any scene he’s in. Not to mention that he’s by far the most attractive man in this orgy. If you want to check out more of this cutie without ten other men around him, you can see all of his Helix videos here.


What do you think about this group scene? Who is your favorite performer out of these boys? Did you enjoy this eleven-man twink fuck fest or are you more into something like Lucas Entertainment’s nine-man orgy?

Let us know your thoughts down in the comments and be sure to watch this entire bang session over at Helix Studios! Sign up for an account now to take advantage of their “Helix Studio Turns 18 Sale” and save up to 40% on your membership.


7 thoughts on “Helix Studios Releases Its Biggest Group Scene Of 2020”

  1. Helix Studios went from a stable of white twinks with some hot twinks of color all with individual looks and personalities to a bunch of skinny over tatted and, with a few exceptions, interchangeable Latinx boys. Sad

    1. Yeah like over two hundred thousand people have died from covid right ? Don’t think so . Their finding out now that no matter what you die from it’s COVID , what BS.

      1. Well why don’t you make sure you get it, then you spend an hour so with your grandma. After she dies you can tell us again just how much BS it really is.

  2. The thing with orgies/group scenes is that you don’t know who is fucking who. They change too much from person to person that it is not stimulating. Then you got actors who look too much alike, that you lose interest.

    1. I agree but this seems to be better filmed than most group scenes, and i for one love these twinks, they’re hot, their underwear is hot, wish i could be there

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