Bulge Bros: All Our Favorite Actors Who Have Showed Off VPL

It’s kind of crazy how much a man can show of himself without… showing himself. Let us explain. Visible penis lines are the unspoken censorship anomaly. We can see visible penis lines on mainstream television shows, Instagram, out in the wild – anywhere. If you’re lounging around in your undies right now, you might even be a culprit. No one is safe. The actors on this list either exposed their VPL (Visible Penis Line), VPH (Visible Penis Head), or VPL and VPH. TYVM.

First up, Aron Piper! He’s most famous for Elite, but his meat is best showcased in his homoerotic drama The Mess You Leave Behind.

Wet underwear = good underwear, exemplified again by Gael García Bernal in Bad Education.

Travis Van Winkle was the actor who jerked off in front of Penn Badgley on You. In his bro comedy, sigh, Mantervention, Travis flaunts his cock in some super sexy swimwear.

Kevin Zegers is packing something that we would love to get a better look at in All the Wrong Reasons.

Openly gay daddy Luke Evans proves that gay men are in fact more well endowed than their straight brethren.

We fear that Craig Roberts’ bulge on his hilarious but short-lived comedy Red Oaks will one day be lost to the hands of time. He loves showing off his fat cock.

Cooper Koch goes the extra mile by actually flaunting his uncut penis in Swallowed.

And who could forget the double penis from season two of Sex And The City, courtesy of Sean Martin Hingston and Brad Hurtado? Samantha deserves nothing less.

[See more celebrity VPL]


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