Here Is Some Video Of Spencer Reed Locking People In A Cage And Dragging Shane Frost Around On A Leash

This is the beginning of the eventual orgy in which humpy powerbottom twunk Shane Frost is gang banged by 37847683 people (just kidding, it’s only 37847682 people) in Hot House’s Pack Attack 5.

Originally released last month, I decided to post this today so I could capitalize on how much everyone likes to talk about Spencer Reed and his alleged off-camera antics, which are played up here to the hilt, via his on-screen persona as some sort of jailer/dog whisperer? Are you “convinced” now more than ever that Spencer Reed is “abusive” because he shoves all these naked gay porn stars into a phony cage with a fake lock and makes Shane Frost bark like a dog? Also, Shane Frost’s bark is cute!

Here is a clip from Pack Attack 5 (there’s another one here):

[Hot House: Shay Michaels, Cole Streets, Trevor Knight, Spencer Reed, and Preston Steel Fuck Shane Frost]


21 thoughts on “Here Is Some Video Of Spencer Reed Locking People In A Cage And Dragging Shane Frost Around On A Leash”

  1. I could not disagree more with the guys throwing shade at Pack Attack 5.

    Director Christian Owen hit it out of the park, and Shane Frost is on fire as the “dawg” getting pounded.

    This is a video fantasy that’s tons of fun guys, not social commentary. Why not enjoy it on that level?

    And where’s the nastiness about Chris Porter coming from? Wasn’t he everyone’s fave just a year ago?

  2. omg I never noticed the back acne before, I wonder if its from waxing? Its far to sunny in san fran for one’s skin to break out!

  3. Personally I can’t get past the vinyl jock strappy thingies. They don’t cover the delicate bits and they’d give you a rash. That’s a garment with no purpose except to make porn videos. And what’s with those leather chest harnesses porn stars are always wearing? What are they supposed to be attached to?

    But I wouldn’t bring Santorum into it. Straight porn is just as bad. If all gay porn was sweet and romantic, it would still be porn. If there only straight porn, gay sex would still be no good for making babies. If there were as many gaybies as straight-bies, there’s still that passage in Leviticus. It’s about people’s desire to create scapegoats and reinforce their privileged worldview, not about practices. These people can’t even see the happily married straight Christian couples practicing S & M privately in their own bedrooms–that’s just not consistent with their fantasies about how the world works.

  4. Everything… from the fake and endless moaning, to the leather halters while pretending to be animals, to the bad acting, to the back acne, to the dimestone Casiotone soundtrack… everything is what’s canned and non sexy about the major studios. These guys don’t look like they love sex as much as they love putting yet another segment on the disk. Nothing sadder than faking all that effort just to make something inauthentic and boring.

    1. Titan seems like the only studio that makes an effort to hide it thankfully. Seriously Spencer please get that checked out.

  5. Tired of the bullshit

    LOL, based solely upon this clip, I’d say that Phillip beat the shit out of spencer on a daily basis and made him a cum hungry bitch boi!…..

  6. Oh my god, the cheese level in this clip is unbelievably embarrassing. Its hard to watch. All you see if a bunch of queers that have no business being in leather in the first place, dressed up like they think they have the most FIERCE halloween costume on. Their fake moans echo of passionless, washed up pornstars looking for a few extra bucks. THIS SUCKS.

    PS. If HotHouse doesn’t think we know they have used the same set for the last hundred movies, they are kidding themselves. Spare us this recycled garbage. The only way to have saved this, was if it was bareback, but its not.

  7. Christine Marinoni

    What the fuck is this?! Who the hell even comes up with these scenarios and storylines? Why is the one moron dressed as a dog? This is the sort of shit that give Rick Santorum things to talk about.

    This sort of idiocy makes Chris Porter-Potty’s Twitter feed read like Chekhov. (Side note: What are the odds Chris Porter-Potty could even spell Chekhov, let alone have a clue who he is?)

    That video is truly disgraceful.

    1. To each his own I guess would be the line of the day.

      Christine: I am going to give you one web site to look at. NOH8.COM… My mom always tough me if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything. When you spear your hate (and it is hate) over many different subjects and people, it just makes YOU look like the lonely lost cause. I played a dog in this film, yes..and it was FUN! I had a blast. With that being said, aren’t you kind of old (unless you’re 12) and too mature to be a school yard bully? I’d think (and hope) so.

      Blow my mind: I tell you what. Give Hot House a check for $10,000 and they will buy a new set. Porn companies are struggling these days like no other because of piracy and free online porn web sites. They can barley even sell DVDs, never mind buy new sets ever week. With that being said, I have worked with MANY porn studios, and Hot House has one of the biggest and most diverse sets to date. Again, know what you are talking about before you spear hate. People always talk so much trash about the product. We work our asses off, literally, to produce a good product. The one thing that I always say to people, if it sucks so much, then be my guest and model yourself. If you are unable to do so, then maybe you should think twice before tossing hate. :-)

      For those of you who enjoyed Pack Attack 5, thank you!

      For those who didn’t, and have constructive criticism in a well mannered way, then by all means. We can learn ALOT by listening to our fans, and what they want to see.

      For those who want to be an ass hole, just because they have a computer screen in front of them making them feel like a bully. Shame…on…you

      Shane Frost

      1. Christine Marinoni

        I keep trying to read Shane’s response… but I simply can’t get past the phrase, “I played a dog in this film, yes…”

        Thanks for responding, though. Perhaps your next gig can be on Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl?

        1. Tired of the bullshit

          Maybe you should have stopped at “to each his own”? Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean others feel the same. (I’m in your camp btw, It’s not my thing either)

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