Here’s A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Gay Porn’s Hottest Horror Film of the Year

What’s your favorite scary movie?

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve spent the entirety of October obsessed with Overdrive – the new horror-thriller from Raging Stallion that follows unhinged rideshare drive Derek Kage as he goes on a murderous rampage on a mission to get revenge against those who have wronged him. We’ve spent all month watching every second of this XXX-rated project, but now, we’re going even deeper into this scary movie with a “behind the screams” featurette that gives us a look at all the movie’s tricks and treats.

In the new BTS video, Steve Cruz, who co-directed the film with screenwriter Ben Rush, reveals how the concept for Overdrive came to life while cast members, like Lawson James and Timothy Chance, name some of their all-time horror films. On top of that, the featurette is also loaded with on-set interviews and sexy behind-the-scenes moments with Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Beau Butler and stars Derek Kage, Paul Wagner, Sean Xavier, Brogan, and Danny Starr.

Go ahead and take a look at the full featurette below to see all that and much, much more. Then, be sure to sound off in the comments with all your hot thoughts and head over to RagingStallion.com for tomorrow’s premiere of the film’s epic finale.

[Watch OVERDRIVE on RagingStallion.com]


5 thoughts on “Here’s A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Gay Porn’s Hottest Horror Film of the Year”

  1. Derek Kage is disgusting. He used the gay label at any opportunity and he’s far from a homosexual. He keeps sticking his gross cock inside that hag Sophia Locke and he alienated gay men at any cost that questioned his antics. I wish these studios and fellow gays would stop thirsting for a penis and look at these idiots deeper.

  2. Well, I’m always “up” for a video featuring that “Scream Queen” Beau Butler. But what the hell is that photo at the top of this page? It looks like they’re measuring the distance between the two guys’ jeans. I don’t understand that at all. Have a Happy BOO Day everybody.

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