Holy Shit

Thanks, Sean Cody.

There’s no better way to celebrate a Friday, and a weekend, and a birthday (today is mine, which is why after this post TheSword will be on a gaycation till Monday) than with a huge fucking dick.

So thank you, Sean Cody, for this slightly average looking guy with a wayyyyy above average cock. Amazing x 100000000:

Watch Jeff’s video here.

And the only thing that could make Jeff better is if he were paired with my Ethan, of course. Because everything always comes back to Ethan.

[Sean Cody: Jeff]

[Sean Cody: Ethan]


9 thoughts on “Holy Shit”

  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you’re getting plowed by these guys right now! I’ll have sex with both of these guys anytime!

  2. I have to disagree with you about him being a “slightly average looking guy”. I personally think he’s majorly hot, although I wish he didn’t have the tattoo. I do hope he comes back on the site and bottoms.

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