Hot Corbin Fisher Model Rides Paul Wagner’s Daddy Dick

I guess I have to give credit: Here we have a hot scene with two gorgeous studs, free of any absurd plot or annoying women to ruin our fun. So that’s a good two steps forward (yay!). The one step back? The strange framing that often accompanies part of this scene (boo!).

It doesn’t help that the studio has chosen one of my least favorite porn settings—the kitchen—to let the action unfold, but the good news is that we have two studs so hot, it ultimately doesn’t matter. Paul Wagner wants to show off their new home to boyfriend Pax Perry, and the two decide to christen it right away. This has been a good year for Pax, aka Corbin Fisher’s Zander, who has been branching out. He made his debut at Men late last year, and this is his third scene for them; and also made his debut at Active Duty earlier this year.

Paul Wagner, Pax Perry Paul Wagner, Pax Perry

We proceed to see some gorgeous shots sometimes ruined by the composition, starting with the two kissing. Paul passionately rubs his fuzzy face against Pax, their noses rubbing together (lord, what I wouldn’t give to experience that!), the shot up close and off center (what gives, cameraperson?!). The two take turns sucking each other off. The site of Paul’s handsome face stuffed with that thick cock makes me melt, and then Pax gets face fucked and dick whipped (where we gets some great overhead shots of Paul’s thick man meat). Paul also eats out his bud, which exposes the terrible framing the most (we can barely see him jacking his own cock, with the bulk of the top half just full of kitchen).

Paul Wagner, Pax Perry Paul Wagner, Pax Perry

Pax then gets fucked doggy against the kitchen island, which I supposed is better than on the counter. The two then head to couch, where the framing improves. The site of Pax and his big smooth muscle bod mounting Paul’s daddy dick are beautiful, the bottom rubbing his big man pec as he rides. He then gets on his back for more (giving us a better shot of Paul’s hot fuzzy chest) before they squirt, Paul exploding on the hunk’s tan abs.

Paul Wagner, Pax Perry Paul Wagner, Pax Perry

Are you a fan of kitchen fucks? Count me out, unless it’s with my husband Paul (who can do no wrong…I’d watch this man anywhere, anytime).

See the full scene at!

7 thoughts on “Hot Corbin Fisher Model Rides Paul Wagner’s Daddy Dick”

  1. Paul Wagner has always been a hot fav of mine and hes still got it even more so….the other orange guy Pax ? WHY do they always change there names when they leave Sean Cody ???
    BIG PASS its clear to see hes straight ..the way he kisses and the really bad way he gives head its like hed rather be somewhere else .
    Unfortunately not even Paul can make me renew my membership to Men.Com I cancelled it because of all the pathetic Salad scenes and all the scenes highlighting women ..I dont want to watch women in my gay porn

  2. Pax is cute but he needs to stop with the tanning and bronzer or he’s going to look like an Aligator handbag with orange skin

      1. Yes, now he looks healthy and great. However if he keeps tanning he ain’t gonna keep looking healthy and great! And some more critique, he needs to have some pubic hair.

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