Phoenix, Devy

Hot Hikers: Sean Cody’s Devy & Phoenix Work Up a Sweat

I love me a hike with some jocks in tight shorts, and Sean Cody is here to feed my fantasy as Devy and Phoenix hit the hills for some exercise and smooching before they head inside and take it a step further.

Devy continues to be adorable. That mischievous smile makes me melt, and he’s quietly having an amazing year. Meanwhile, scenemate Phoenix is appearing in his fifth studio appearance after making his stroke debut for Sean Cody back in June.

Phoenix, Devy

Phoenix, Devy

Phoenix, Devy

I’m heavily digging his stache, and his nips also looking might fine pressed up against Devy’s chest as the two smooch on the trail. The kissing continues inside, where Devy is soon feeding the newbie his boner (including some yummy bird’s-eye views of the slurping).

Phoenix, Devy Phoenix, Devy

Phoenix, Devy

Devy then munches his bud’s hole before pounding him, the bottom’s forehead scrunching as he takes it doggy. The sit-down fuck is my favorite, Phoenix sliding all way down to the top’s sac, and the bottom strokes his hard cock as he takes it on his back, finally getting a facial. (Hey, fellas…a little more verbal, please?!) Are you feeling Devy and Phoenix?

See the full scene at Sean Cody!


24 thoughts on “Hot Hikers: Sean Cody’s Devy & Phoenix Work Up a Sweat”

    1. Do you walk into Popeyes and get pissy because they don’t sell burgers?
      Get butthurt because Olive Garden doesn’t sell Chow Mein?
      Go shop at Baskin Robbins if you want 51 flavors and leave my vanilla ice cream alone

      1. Universal Potentate

        THANK YOU!! I was going to say something too but you said it MUCH better. That message may have made sense 20 years ago but today a lot of studios have a huge mix of models.
        Why not complain that Raw Rods doesn’t feature white dude?
        Why don’t gay sites feature women?
        Why doesn’t farm animal porn feature tree fuckers as part of their green mission?
        The porn someone wants to watch is 1 Google search away, or did that change recently?

  1. Groomer here; Phoenix, if you’re old enough to grow that stache, you’re too old for that damned haircut. Do yourself a favor… lose both

      1. This ain’t Grindr honey so I’m not sharing face. Besides, I don’t work in front of the camera. My expertise is styling, design, and personal assistance. So basically, it was my job to say “nuh, uh, honey that will not do”.

          1. Universal Potentate

            You are a sweet talker. I’m just rereading your reply in a sultry bedroom voice … somewhere between Jessica Rabbit and Gilbert Godfrey.

          2. Anonymous guy is demanding I share face on a porn chat. A reminder, this ain’t Grindr. If this is how you troll for dick, it’s no wonder you’re salty and single

          3. Omg you all are hilarious. Love when people with no lives fight on the internet! Silly douchebags :)

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