Drew Valentino

Hot Newcomer Drew Valentino Signs As Falcon|NakedSword Exclusive

He’s a bearded Italian stallion with a fuzzy chest, hairy pits and a big ol’ bushy cock—and now he’s a Falcon|NakedSword exclusive! The industry leader has added studio porn newcomer Drew Valentino to its stable of studs!

A stunning specimen with movie-star good looks and a ripped, tatted gymnast’s body dusted with fur (those quads!!!), Drew will appear in his first professionally produced scene next Wednesday from the new Hot House bareback series Dirty Desert Doctors (on HotHouse.com and FalconStudios.com).

Drew Valentino, Michael Boston

A dynamic versatile top, Valentino shows off his thick, 9-inch dick (just like he has on Twitter…fuck yes look at this schlong!) and his intense sexual energy as he tops Michael Boston. The 5-foot-9, 175 pound jock will appear in five scenes in the next three months, having also shot three scenes for two upcoming Raging Stallion projects and another one for a soon-to-be-released NakedSword feature.


Valentino started filming solo scenes for fan sites during the lock down in 2020. A year later, he reached out to his Falcon|NakedSword exclusive friends Cole Connor and Beau Butler, indicating that he was interested in giving studio porn a try. Not long after hearing from Connor and Butler, award-winning director Tony Dimarco cast Valentino in a blockbuster Raging Stallion project coming out this spring. As soon as he saw photos and heard about the amazing performance Valentino delivered, Falcon|NakedSword President Tim Valenti proposed an exclusive arrangement.

Drew Valentino, Michael Boston

“During my first shoot, I really hit it off with the Falcon|NakedSword team and had a very positive experience,” said the CrossFit junky, originally from New Jersey. “Becoming an exclusive for the best company means I get to meet and connect with amazing people, share lots of laughs, and have some bomb-ass sex. It really is an honor and a pleasure.”

Drew Valentino

See Drew’s debut at Hot House and Falcon on Wednesday, January 26th!

7 thoughts on “Hot Newcomer Drew Valentino Signs As Falcon|NakedSword Exclusive”

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  2. Are tats a requisite to be hired by this once-great studio? If I want to look at that crap I’ll visit a train yard or alley.

    1. Talking to yourself in the mirror again. You should see a shrink about that. Maybe you can bring up your penis envy at the same time.

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