Presley Scott, Brogan

Hot Newcomer Presley Scott Bottoms for Buff & Bearded Brogan

Is Brogan becoming a top before our eyes?! We’ve seen him do it a few times before, although bottoming seems to be more his thing. But after seeing his cute scene where he manhandles Joey Mills, I’ve been itching for more of alpha Brogan. Wish granted!

A week ago, Sean Cody introduced us to dark and handsome Presley Scott in his debut studio solo scene—where we got our first look at those huge pecs and biceps, those tight abs and that yummy uncut cock. Now he’s quickly back for more, and sexy fucker Brogan is the one to break him in for his first duo.

Presley Scott Presley Scott

Presley Scott, Brogan Presley Scott, Brogan

Brogan is just so striking with his frame, those big muscles and that gorgeous beard surrounding his perpetual smile. I love to see him top because I want to see that body take control (and I want to vicariously imagine him just having his way with me). Presley seems to love every second of Brogan taking the lead, and my favorite shot is seeing Brogan stroke his own boner as Presley sits his smooth hole down on that beard for a tongue fuck.

Presley Scott, Brogan Presley Scott, Brogan

Presley Scott, Brogan Presley Scott, Brogan

And the shot of them kissing as their boners poke each other is gorgeous. Then we get to see Brogan take over, that big fucking body just having its way. I love the shot of Presley sitting down on the top, whose cock and fuzzy legs fill the frame. Then we get the beautiful image of Presley on his back, the two gripping each other’s pecs as they fuck, Brogan then leaning in for more smooching (take me now, please!). What do you think of newcomer Presley?

See the full scene at Sean Cody!


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