Hot Or Not?: Sean Cody’s New Bearded Stud Burke

Burke, the latest newcomer to jack off at Sean Cody is an East Coaster by way of the West Coast, where he partly grew up.

He’s a handsome, masculine dude in good shape, but he’s not wildly muscly or anything, and he’s got a beard, which puts him in the minority at the typically clean-cut, clean-shaven studio.



And here’s his dick, which is modest but nice. A good boyfriend dick.



Burke has a little trouble knowing what to do with his mouth, and kind of has the same awkward smile in all his first model shots.






See what I mean?

Anyhow, he seems shy, and we may never see him again, but here he is doing his best to be sexy about jerking off for the camera.

What do you think?

[Sean Cody: Burke]

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