Beat the heat, and your meat, to the sexiest movie beach nudity ever!

Jason Priestley will give you 9021-Oh face when he tosses us his beach balls in Calendar Girls.

Jason_Priestley Jason_Priestley

We see Javier Bardem’s surf… and his turf… when he emerges from the ocean in The Detective and Death.

Javier_Bardem Javier_Bardem

Long before Patrick Wilson battled with Aquaman in the ocean, he let his trident dangle between his sea legs in Angels in America.

Patrick_Wilson Patrick_Wilson

In Stander, Thomas Jane lives up to his reputation in Hung by letting it all hung out!

Thomas_Jane Thomas_Jane

And finally, a nineteen-year-old Christopher Atkins has us on a diet of dick during his iconic perpetually pantless performance in The Blue Lagoon.

Christopher_Atkins Christopher_Atkins

Life’s a beach, and then you masturbate.