Johnny Donovan, Angel Rivera

How Gorgeous Are Johnny Donovan & Angel Rivera?!

I swear, Johnny Donovan and Angel Rivera both get more handsome every year—and they look especially fantastic in this new scene together (would you look at those smiles?!)

And I gotta say, for a scene, this one is surprisingly—and welcomingly—simple? Normal? Free of stupid? It’s refreshing, and I hope we see more like this. After some hot smooching, Angel opens wide to slurp on Johnny’s uncut cock, then gets on all fours to get his ass munched by the jock. Angel then sits down on Johnny’s dick, the two staring at each other and kissing as he rides. Just look at these two…

Johnny Donovan Angel Rivera

Johnny Donovan, Angel Rivera

Johnny moans “Aww baby, you make me feel so good!” as he’s mounted, and rubs his hands on Angel’s hairy leg and head (so passionate!). Even hotter is when Angel eventually gets on his back, Johnny’s defined stomach tight as hell as he fucks him and jack’s off the bottom’s big boner at the same time—finally fucking a hot load out of him.

Johnny Donovan, Angel Rivera Johnny Donovan, Angel Rivera

Johnny Donovan, Angel Rivera has gotten a little lazy with their trailers recently, opting instead for short scene clips. But even with this quick look, you can see how into each other these two are.

See the full scene at!


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