i am happiness on earth

I Am Happiness On Earth

Too bad we can’t stop time, turn our life into a movie, and act the director and the star to guarantee a happy ending. Or just maybe, it’s not as impossible as it seems.

“I Am Happiness On Earth” comes to us from acclaimed Mexican director Julian Hernandez and premieres today on NakedSword Film Works (NSFW).

The main character is a film director named Emiliano (Hugo Catalan), who specializes in dance movies with a sideline in hardcore sex films.

I Am Happiness On EarthThen we meet the boyish dancer, Octavio (Alan Ramírez). Jazen (Emilio von Sternenfels), the sensitive hustler is next. Emiliano beds them both. If you were calling the shots, isn’t that what you would too?

I Am Happiness On EarthWhen not breaking up into twosomes and threesome, some of the other best scenes are the dance sequences. They capture the tactile sense of bodies in motion. Ramirez is a genuinely gifted dancer. “His body is lovingly photographed as he glides through his paces,” is how one reviewer characterized them.

The story of Emilio (Hugo Catalan) a young and renowned director of documentaries, who is filming his new project, a film about dance. During the filming, he meets Octavio (Alan Ramírez), a quiet but sensitive dancer with whom he initiates a passionate and loving relationship.”

I Am Happiness On Earth“But Emilio’s “monster of self-destruction” makes his spontaneous romance suffer. Emilio, who has serious drug problems, decides to start another relationship, but now with Jazen, a young escort, and again, romance begins.”

[Watch “I Am Happiness On Earth” at NakedSword Film Works]

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