gay porn star michael blaze

Introducing Michael Blaze

With a name like Michael Blaze, this newcomer wants to ignite a spark. NextDoorStudios thinks he’s can. What say you?

NextDoorStudios has plenty of Gay4$ in their stable already.

While Michael Blaze does play the dreaded pronoun game, the jury is out whether he plays for our team or not.

He’s a chef and baker. He’s also a long haul driver and says, he’s “hottest thing on the road” with conviction, not cockiness.

gay porn star michael blazeNice deep voice. Nice screen presence. And a nice load to boot.

gay porn star michael blaze“Michael Blaze makes a strong first impression as he gets friendly with the camera in his solo debutHe teases his goods while flexing his toned and muscled physique, before revealing his stick shift and showing how well he handles it.”

gay porn star michael blazeHe’s stroking himself for satisfaction and to put on a little show before letting loose his virgin screen nut.”

gay porn star michael blaze“He jizzes all over himself in a messy conclusion to his first – but hopefully not last- shoot.”

gay porn star michael blazeHe says he likes to be the dominant one but switches it up sometimes and be the one “taken.” I sure wouldn’t mind hseeing that ass of his taken. And soon. Watch this blog.

[Watch “Michael Blaze” at NextDoorStudios]



1 thought on “Introducing Michael Blaze”

  1. What do I think? What do I think? I think he’s common as muck, darling. Where are the beauties of yesteryear? It’s all tedious tats now.

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