Roman Todd

Is Roman Todd a Giant Douche at the Gym?

We love Roman Todd and he’s looking more stunning than ever in his long career, but does that physique come at a price? A fellow performer notes that the stud is “loud, obnoxious” and “fucking annoying” when he works out.

Turns out, Roman talks loudly on his cell phone and restrict access to machines he isn’t using; doesn’t wipe down his sweat after he’s finished; and flexes all over the place. At least so says Leon King when Roman accuses him of being “Jealous of Me” in their new Next Door scene, as the popular performer parodies all those meatheads we’ve come to roll our eyes at while working out.

Roman Todd, Leon King Roman Todd, Leon King

In his debt year, cute Leon (those eyes!) is making his Next Door debut after also working at Chaos Men, Say Uncle and GayHoopla (where he went by Leon Foreman). All he wants is a peaceful workout, but brash and loud Roman is making that impossible.

Roman Todd, Leon King Roman Todd, Leon King

The two have words in the locker room, where Roman rips off his shirt in an attempt to intimidate Leon—and soon the two make up by sucking each other’s dicks. But then it’s Roman who offers his hole and gets fucked, keeping his colorful kicks on the whole time (hmm, I kinda wanted to see him go full alpha and take charge of the quiet Leon, but I guess this will have to do).

Roman Todd, Leon King Roman Todd, Leon King

Would you fuck around with the douches at your gym, even if you roll your eyes at their antics?

See the full scene at Next Door Studios!

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