Is Sebastian Hook’s Ass Enough To Convert New Guy Jerry Cabera At Gay Hoopla?

Last week GayHoopla unveiled a new slice of uncut hottie called Jerry Cabrera. With a title like “Jerry Cabrera’s 1st Gay FUCK with Sebastian Hook,” we know what and whom he’s getting into today. Now we just need to look and see if Sebastian’s ass got him hooked in the end.

Our love/hate relationship with GayHoopla stems from their ability to recruit new hot men – with a unfortunate predilection to be straight. They are, however, working on expanding the diversity base of their roster. We saw that the last time we checked in, they had just unveiled their second black model, the very sexy Andre Temple. Jerry seems to be Latin, not black and also unlike Andre, Jerry is most definitely hung.


As you can see in this picture from Jerry’s solo, there is a lot to see here. Some of my favorites include those impressive quads, that nice high, round ass, his full bush and that big, uncut dick. Is said dick functional or decorative? Time to find out.

Is it truly important whether this is his first time fucking a guy? Does it really matter if Sebastian actually said, “Say my name” while they were fucking? For my money, what matters more is that Sebastian’s dick was rock hard the entire time he was getting pounded so in “Jerry Cabrera’s 1st Gay FUCK with Sebastian Hook,” new guy Jerry seems to do just fine. What do you guys think?














[Gay Hoopla: Jerry Cabrera’s 1st Gay FUCK with Sebastian Hook]

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1 thought on “Is Sebastian Hook’s Ass Enough To Convert New Guy Jerry Cabera At Gay Hoopla?”

  1. It’s a nice ass, but I don’t think it’s enough to CONVERT (meaning make a “straight” guy give up pussy for good) anybody. It certainly might have a guy hanging around more often when there’s no pussy on the horizon, though.

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