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“Give Me Every Drop”

Jack Hunter didn’t need the instruction. After he flipped with Adam Ramzi, what Adam’s tongue didn’t catch turned his beard into the ultimate flavor saver.

Jack Hunter, his prodigious dong and hot ass have arrived at TitanMen with a big ole’ “Boom”.

Never one to squander the talent of their always talented casts, director Jasun Mark saw to it that all of Jack’s assets, front and rear, are fully engaged today.

jack hunter adam ramzi flip fuckUsing those assets today is a man who does the “give and take” as well as anyone: everyone’s favorite Armenian swarthy sensation, Adam Ramzi. Last time we saw Adam, he was used righteously when uber-stud Jason Vario turned him into his personal play toy. Today, his ass offers Jack his “welcome to Titan” channel, but only after he takes Jack for his inaugural ride down Cumsylvania Avenue.

jack hunter adam ramzi flip fuckBig D Construction is back at work and in the throngs of a new project. The plumbers won’t arrive until next week. But some things won’t wait. Once Jack hears the echo from Adam’s dick letting loose in an empty concrete bucket, it was like a clarion call to action for a job that was suddenly much more pressing.

jack hunter adam ramzi flip fuckNow side by side, looking leads to kissing. Kissing leads to stroking. And stroking leads to Jack on his knees, taking his lunch break by making a meal out of Adam’s foreskin.

jack hunter adam ramzi flip fuckAdam needed his midday meal and Jack’s ass provided the first course. Adam plants his beard in Jack’s ass only to be replaced by Adam’s dick.

jack hunter adam ramzi flip fuck“Give it to me slow,” says Adam after they switch places. Jack decided to ignore that suggestion and pressed in all the way until his balls were smacking against Adam’s hairy cheeks. Jack strokes Adam’s throbber in time with his thrusts until Adam takes over and gushes all over his abs. And once Jack stands over Adam’s face, Adam’s beard, tongue, and throat made sure at least one job was finished today.

[Watch Jack & Adam in “Boom” scene three at TitanMen]

5 thoughts on ““Give Me Every Drop””

    1. sparklyos, if you look half as good as he does when you are Adam’s age, you’ll be singing a different tune. You also say “middle eastern man” like it’s a bad thing. And if you bothered to read instead of just troll, you’d know he’s actually Armenian. Do you know where Armenia is — or should I show you a map as I show you the door?

        1. It’s always funniest to watch guys like you get old.

          By the time you’re ‘that age’ you’ll be 100% cunt anyway, so what’s the difference, bitch?


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