jaccob peterson jack hunter flipfuck

Big Dick Hunting With Jacob Peterson & Jack Hunter

Between Jacob Peterson and Jack Hunter, there’s more than enough dick to go around. So that’s exactly what happens as “Between the Sheets” comes to a flipping finale.

When Falcon Studios Group exclusives Ryan Rose and Jacob Peterson filmed their scene for “Amped”, the chemistry between the two of them lured the normally bottom Jacob Peterson to open Ryan’s rose with his dick. The same thing happened between Jack Hunter and NakedSword exclusive Mickey Taylor in “Fuck Me I’m Famous”.

Today, between Jacob and Jack, it happens it again because some things are just too big to be kept to themselves or “Between the Sheets”

jacob peterson jack hunter flipfuck
Jack Hunter and Jacob Peterson both have the same kind of exceptionally beautiful and big dicks they like in their partners. Partnered together today, not one of these sixteen inches goes to waste. No holes go unfilled. No load goes unspent. Including yours.

jacob peterson jack hunter flipfuck
The only thing more pressing than pressing their lips together was getting each other cocks in their mouths. Their 69 is cinematically mouth-watering as Jack chews on Jacob’s foreskin while Jacob slurps on Jack’s thick, veiny shaft.

jacob peterson jack hunter flipfuck
The 69 becomes a rimsky-nine as those perfect holes beckon each other’s tongues. Jack spits in Jacob’s hole not as an invitation, but as a signal of what he really needs.

jacob peterson jack hunter flipfuck
And that is exactly what he gets. Jacob Peterson’s hairy strong body driving his dick until Jacob’s own needs takeover.

jacob peterson jack hunter flipfuck
That takeover means Jack taking control — and Jacob’s ass. Just look at Jacob biting his lip, savoring every one of Jack’s thrusts until his furry abs are covered in two thick loads.

[Watch Jacob Peterson & Jack Hunter flip in “Between The Sheets” at Falcon]

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  1. Oh my god jack hunter is also rascist? What is becoming of this gay world with this young generation. I feel so sad for this.

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