jason vario fucks skyy knox

Jason Vario To Skyy Knox: ‘”Ready” Or Not, Here I Cum’

The pants of Skyy’s suit are one causality of his dark encounter with Jason Vario. His gag reflex & ability to walk after are two more. The fourth is his sexual dignity. But that’s exactly what he wanted.

We all have seen him. That overly groomed guy who accidentally on purpose wanders into a seedy bar allegedly in search of a cocktail … when what he really needs a good stiff cock to replace that stick that’s up his ass.

Today, that “stick-ee” is Falcon Studios Group exclusive Skyy Knox. The “stick-er” is a mammoth-dicked Jason Vario. And everyone got what they wanted “One Night At The Ready”.

jason vario fucks skyy knoxAccidents happen. When they occur, you apologize, not run away. But when Skyy Knox spilled his drink on Jason Vario’s construction uniform, he high-tailed it out of there. Jason followed him into the dark, grimy alley. “You made a mess, now clean it up,” Jason ordered. Immediately, Mr. Clumsy becomes Mr. Subservient as Skyy and Jason go from glam to gritty.

jason vario fucks skyy knoxSkyy proceeds to lick the drink up from Jason’s bulging bicep and dirty boot. The humiliation of it all is karma boomeranging right back and turned Skyy into the dirty pig he never had the guts to act on. But now, like having his skull fucked, he had no choice. Perfect.

jason vario fucks skyy knoxThe designs Jason has on Skyy’s hole mean Skyy’s designer suit pants are an obstruction he won’t let Skyy take off, nor will he let them stop him. He has a work-around for just such an occassion.

jason vario fucks skyy knoxOne steady push and Jason goes in balls deep. Let the reaming begin.

jason vario fucks skyy knoxNow fully degraded, and fully impaled, Skyy’s hard cock erupts all over ground then Jason looms over him and lacerates him with a seedy torrent that renders turns Skyy’s expensive shirt into a blue collar cum rag. Humiliation complete.

[Watch Skyy & Jason in “One Night At The Ready” scene three at Hot House]


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