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A Year OF Fucking With Sean Cody’s Big Jess

Jess ended our porn year of 2016 with a bang. A five load bang of Joe to be specific. So I am hopeful we might get another scene with him yet. He’s been breaking in a lot of newbies this year. But who did break best?

While it’s of lows and a few highs for Sean Cody, there would have been more highs if we had seen more of Jess. So far, he’s only been in four scenes in 2017.

And while we have seen just about everyone a few too many times, it says a lot about Jess in general, and how he lights up the screen in particular, that even only once a quarter, he’s most of the most memorable in the Sean Cody stable.

It’s not just he’s he’s hung like he belongs in a stable, it’s how he uses it. He can fuck with a power of Brysen. He brings the unexpected like Daniel, only with none of the baggage. And when it comes to multiple loads and endless staying power, he still could teach Frankie a thing or three.

We first saw Jess right after Valentine’s Day. Even in the middle of 4K cam debacle, he and his five loads saved the day.

jess shaw bareback sean codySeeing him feed Shaw his own jizz was something both Shaw’s fans and foes agreed was quite the visual.

But seeing skinny Jess repurpose Shaw from muscle man to bottom bitch was the real pay off here.

[Watch “Shaw & Jess: Bareback” at Sean Cody]

Then in April, newish Cassian hit the jackpot and was paired with Jess on his third scene.

jess cassian bareback sean cody“Cumming as many times as I possibly can. In him. On him. All over him. And definitely a facial,” was Jesse’s plan for the day. As always, he executed it flawlessly.

[Watch “Cassian & Jess: Bareback” at Sean Cody]

Fast forward to September, Jess was breaking in Conrad for his first stint as a bottom. Conrad had not exactly been Mr. Energy up until this point. But Jess livened him up from the inside out.

conrad jess bareback sean codyThis time just taking a few inches is not an option Jess allows Conrad to take. And he ended round one giving Conrad a picture perfect and perfectly captured creampie.

[Watch “Conrad & Jess: Bareback” at Sean Cody]

Last, and regrettably least, at the beginning of this month, Sean Cody paired Jess with a neophyte bottom, Hector. The pairing proved as ill-fated as the trampoline fuck position they tried.

But hey, at least they tried.

[Watch “Conrad & Jess: Bareback” at Sean Cody]


As I said at the beginning, the year isn’t over and I’m hoping to the moon and back that Sean Cody will have Jess back to end everyone’s year right. What would you think about Jess and Frankie taking on Brysen? After all, his taking of Joey’s camera cherry is a lot to live up to.

5 thoughts on “A Year OF Fucking With Sean Cody’s Big Jess”

  1. Great body, huge cock, just the right amount of hair in all the right places, fucks hard and cums even harder. What’s not to love? Never tire of watching him.

    A bottoming scene once in a while wouldn’t go amis though…

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