Andre Donovan, Jkab Ethan Dale

Jkab Ethan Dale Takes Andre Donovan’s XL Dick In Backroom Bang

Jkab Ethan Dale has finally made his way to Falcon! For the latest scene of Trade Show, Jkab is making his Falcon Studios debut as he teams up with hung Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Andre Donovan to get some product ready for the titular expo. Although, since all work and no play makes Jkab a dull boy, it’s not long before both men are stripping naked down breaking into some mid-day bareback play in the backroom of a warehouse.

This is the second time we’ve seen Jkab tackle one of Falcon | NakedSword’s most famous cocks. Before this fuck with Andre, Jkab was over at Hot House for the movie Skintight where he was poolside and bottoming for the award-winning meat of Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Cade Maddox. You can watch that scene right here and after you’re done with that, go ahead and check out some preview shots from this new Trade Show hookup below:

Let us know what you think of this new scene down in the comments and if you want to see all the bareback action from Trade Show, click on over to!

[Watch TRADE SHOW ft. Andre Donovan & Jkab Ethan Dale] 


5 thoughts on “Jkab Ethan Dale Takes Andre Donovan’s XL Dick In Backroom Bang”

  1. Some background – Jkab’s name comes from his personal nickname and TikTok fame (Jkab), his name given at Sean Cody (Dale), and the porn name he would choose (Ethan). He was a theater performer (Miss Saigon, Aladdin, etc) but when pandemic hit he started his OF and moved on from there. He still does some performing.

  2. Wasn’t Jkab a successful dancer after his stint on Sean Cody years ago. I remember seeing on his IG back then that he was touring and really doing a great job on broadway. How the hell did he fall back into the hardcore porn scene? I feel like he’s not as hot as he was when he was leaner back in 2014-15.

  3. Andre Donovan: very “meh” and overexposed. He needs to rest his image. It would be good for his career.
    Jkab Ethan Dale: first of all, what a bad choice of a stage name! Jkab sounds like a person with spelling difficulty. He could choose something easier to please the crowd, like Jacob. His stage name was a poor choice, but Jkob Ethan Dale is a very handsome young man (both face and body).

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