Johnny Rapid, Michael Boston, & More Team Up For All Star Group Fuck

You know it’s a great weekend when you have multiple DP scenes to watch! We just told you about the hot Lucas Entertainment video where Ethan Chase got his hole blasted by two monster schlongs and now we’re giving you all the hot info on Johnny Rapid’s newest orgy fuck fest!

For his new bareback group scene, Johnny teamed up with Jax Thirio, Kyle Connors, Michael Boston, and Jesse Bolton. The entire video is pretty hot, but you know I love a good DP, so I have to shine a light on the hot DP portion of the scene.

Michael and his famous ass are the receiving end of the DP action for this video. After getting eaten out by Jax, Michael’s big muscle ass gets invaded by Jax and Johnny’s stiff members. Kyle sits back and watches as Michael sits on Jax’s cock and Johnny stands on the side of the bed and squeezes his own dick in Michael’s tight space. After they’re done plowing his ass, we then get some great shots of Michael spreading his cheeks so we can get a good look at his used hole.

Take a look at some shots from the scene:

Check out the trailer below and be sure to watch the full scene over at!


15 thoughts on “Johnny Rapid, Michael Boston, & More Team Up For All Star Group Fuck”

    1. Universal Potentate

      This isn’t a studio in the traditional sense. This is Johnny Rapid & a camera.
      Don’t be biphobic. These actors are not straight.
      Stop making everything racist. All these guys have worked with all kinds of other models before. You’re like a Karen who equates “feeling awkward” during a private conversation with her boss to “rape.” One scene with just white dudes is not the same as being shot during a “routine traffic stop” for driving-while-black.

        1. Universal Potentate

          That nonsense story that went nowhere. He’s not in jail. There was no arrest, charges filed, conviction or even fine paid. There’s a reason he still works for So please stop your defamation.

          1. WOOOOOW, don’t believe women. Wow the misogynist came out, no wonder trump is your president. Your country is going to shit and I can see why with racist and misogynist men like you who support women beaters.

          2. Universal Potentate

            Believe women? That’s an asinine statement. Intelligent people accept evidence, they don’t believe people at all but especially not based on their gender, race or other superficial reason. You just demonstrated sexism and then accused me of misogyny. You just forwarded an anti-intellectual idea, assumed my country of residence and then blamed me & my supposed nation of anti-intellectualism.
            That was amazing!

  1. Universal Potentate

    This looks like the “Michael Boston gets railed” more than the “Johnny Rapid group fuck.”
    … and I’m okay with that!!

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