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Josh Moore & Logan Moore may be a couple no more. But when it comes to an appetite for Josh or Logan, there are plenty of others who are “Hungry For Moore”.

Sometimes, when things burn too brightly, they combust. Started and ended in the social media spotlight, that is what happened to Josh Moore and Logan Moore.

“Hungry For Moore” is the new DVD premiering today from Falcon. Director Tony DiMarco took a decidedly romantic approach: “It’s masculine, it’s gentle and loving, and it’s got amazing hardcore sex that will keep the audience wanting ‘Moore’.”

And the porn stars wanting ‘Moore’ include …

josh moore logan moore flip fuckWhat a difference a year makes. Josh and Logan were recently engaged when this was filmed. And while the bloom may be off that rose and they have both moved on, the scene remains a beautifully shot essay of two very hot men in a flip fest. And that is one thing that has no expiration date.

“Josh Moore seems to have the upper hand over Logan Moore in an impromptu wrestling match in bed. The fun is just beginning for the lucky studs and as the wrestling subsides, Logan relents and starts exploring Josh’s hard, ripped body. It’s not long before Logan finds his way to Josh’s fat, uncut dick and goes to work making it extra hard.”

josh moore logan moore flip fuckWith a back view like that, no wonder everyone is “Hungry For Moore”.

josh moore logan moore flip fuckSlicked and ready, Logan treats himself to the first ride.

josh moore logan moore flip fuckLogan is ready to switch it up and give Josh a stretching. They keep flip-fucking, taking turns getting their dicks wet and their asses worked. After all the fun, Logan is the first to cave and fires off his load all over his tight. All that jizz is more than Josh can take and he pulls out to give Logan a massive facial. And even after all of that, they are still “Hungry For Moore”.

[Watch Josh & Logan in “Hungry For Moore” scene one]


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