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Ketchup & Cum: Watch Ashton Summer’s First Scene As A Exclusive Model

Hunk Ashton Summer is the newest exclusive model for! His first scene with the site is dropping tomorrow and features him getting his hole destroyed by Men favorite William Seed.

Ashton’s debut scene starts with straight boy William is having dinner with his girlfriend. Unfortunately for the girlfriend, their private chef, Ashton, is a little too horny and starts making eyes at William. Things escalate quickly as Ashton takes off his pants and starts rubbing his ass with oil literally right behind the girlfriend’s back.

ashton summers william seed ashton summers william seed

After rubbing his hole with some oil, Ashton cleans up and starts serving up what is possibly the worst salad I’ve ever seen. Some boring mixed greens? Three croutons? Whole strawberries? What is this? Why? Who approved this menu? How much is this couple paying for this private chef?

What I really want to know is what he wrote “fuck me!!” with. My first thought is that it’s some type of red salad dressing, but it looks a little too solid to be a dressing. The substance is able to hold enough shape to spell entire words very clearly, so it’s probably not a dressing. Maybe it’s some type of jam that was squeezed out of a piping bag? Not sure.

I’m just gonna say that it’s ketchup. That salad looks disgusting, so it’s only fitting that it’s being served up with some rogue tomato sauce.

ashton summers william seed ashton summers william seed

Ashton makes his next move by sneaking under the table to suck on William’s throbbing cock. William’s girlfriend miraculously doesn’t notice the under table deepthroating, but starts getting irritated with her man when she feels he isn’t paying attention to her. She eventually storms out and leaves the two men alone to finish what they started.

Watch the trailer below and be sure to catch the full scene when it drops on Friday, June 26.


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