Jeremy George, Sean Duran

Listen To Sean Duran Loudly Slurp Up Jeremy George’s Big Balls

I’m going to be honest, I’m not super familiar with Jeremy George or his past work, but after watching his new scene from Jason Sparks Live, I’m very interested in learning some more about him!

In this new scene, the beautiful Jeremy and his heavy meat are paired with the thicked-dicked Sean Duran. These two hung boys put their north mouths to good use as they orally service each other before eventually invading some backdoor hole with Sean’s throbbing pecker.

Before any anal invasions take place, we get to watch as Jeremy lays back and lets his scene partner’s tongue loudly go to town on his nuts and hole. Sean sucks and slurps everything up before taking his long dong and invading Jeremy’s man slit.

Aside from Sean’s loud oral session, the best part of the scene has to be when Jeremy rides that stiff dick. Not only does this give us a great view of Sean’s incredible schlong, but it also lets us stare at Jeremy’s rock-hard custard slinger as he rides that monster into the sunset.

Check out a preview of all this sucking and slurping below and be sure to head over to Jason Sparks Live to watch the full video. Don’t have an account? Sign up now and get 50% off with their Valentine’s Day sale.


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