Lobo Carreira, Cole Connor

Lobo Carreira Is Back For Seconds

It’s a big weekend for Below Deck alumn and Raging Stalion stud Lobo Carreira! Not only did this mouthwatering hunk make his cover debut for HUNT eZine, but he’s also back in action over at Raging with the release of his second scene for the film Well Bred.

Lobo Carreira, Cole Connor

For the new scene, Lobo, who just made his Falcon | NakedSword debut a couple of weeks ago with the premiere of this same movie, is showering up his hot cock and teasing Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Cole Connor. Without much convincing, Cole joins his buddy in the shower for some extra wet deepthroating before hopping out to flip-fuck with the former reality television star. Take a look below at some of the 100% raw action:

So what do you think of this scene? Did you catch our coverage of Lobo’s original debut for Raging Stallion? Who do you want to see this muscled fucker get with get next? Let us know below and if you want to see even more from Well Bred, click on over to RagingStallion.com!

[Watch WELL BRED ft. Cole Connor & Lobo Carreira]


14 thoughts on “Lobo Carreira Is Back For Seconds”

  1. You know Cole was thru a lot last year . Alot of things I would not wish on my worst enemy . Yes he had an eye operation and insurance did not cover and he had other issues too and let’s face it we do not have Universal health care like they do in Europe or Japan and people suffer with medical debt. He is a good guy and yes he makes mistakes. Don’t any of you critics out there ? I mean no one os perfect but he tries so keep your nasty comments on him being a scammer or con artist if he was wouldn’t he be up on charges ? He did go fund me to help pay all his medical bills his insurance does not cover . So back off you do not like him don’t watch him and stop complaining bitches !

      1. Seriously ? Maybe we should roll back Trump 2017 tax cuts on wealthy and big corporations to pay for Universal healthcare ! He had health insurance but like most self employed it does not cover everything like it does for politicians !

        1. So if some old porn star deliberately makes bad choices based on his stupidity, we have to foot the bills for his fuck ups. HA Classic.

      2. Agree. I’d much rather have my taxes be used to help give teachers a pay raise, instead of someone who is so much of a narcissist to go out and get a real job and pay his own damn bills. Like millions of other people have to do when they have to pay for things.

    1. Sure. We all make mistakes. Usually not pretending to be the victim of a hate crime, pretending you need eye surgery, starting a go fund me to have other people pay your bills, but yet went back to filming a week later looking perfectly fine. When did it become a thing that when you can’t afford things for yourself, instead of getting a real job (like millions of people have to do) you put your hand out and beg for money. Honestly, between him and Jack Mackenroth begging for money for hearing aids, I don’t know who is worse.

  2. WTF ? lay off the Cole bashing its really getting BORING …if Cole wants to live of his Porn career thats his bussiness …Cole is fucking HOT love the guy ..and LOBO is a stunner hes bloody sexy as fuck cant wait to see a lot more of him and his hot boyfriend..bring it on

  3. Enough Cole Connor already…..I lost respect for him when he expected his fans to pay his medicals because he’s too lazy to keep a REAL JOB with regular benefits like other porn stars do. Nobody can go through life doing nothing but getting laid for their whole life. That’s why everyone keeps their “day jobs” besides making porn. Porn stars lose their value very quickly because fans always want to see new faces. TIME TO GET A JOB COLE.

  4. Not sure if it was a scam but Cole was allegedly assaulted by a group of guys in WeHo back in 2022 and a GoFundMe was established to help with medical bills.

    1. He claimed his eye was messed up yet he was filming a week later with his eye fully healed. So very sus

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