Beau Butler, Reese Rideout

Look At All Of This ASS

We hope you’re in the mood for some serious cake, because the finale to The Swords: Content House just dropped over on NakedSword and it’s featuring an overload of hot porn star ass!

For the last scene in this all-sex NakedSword Originals feature, Falcon | NakedSword Beau Butler is making his first return to the Swords franchise since he got fucked by Rafael Alencar by teaming up with Reese Rideout. With his camera in hand, Reese acts as the scene’s top while capturing some POV-style video of himself fucking Beau that can be seen throughout the scene. Throughout the hookup, we also get plenty of views of Beau’s famous cake and even Reese’s round ass as he mounts and pounds Beau. Take a look below at some of the ass-tastic action:

Let us know what you think of all this booty down in the comments and if you want to catch up on this and every other moment from The Swords saga, click on over right now to!

[Watch CONTENT HOUSE ft. Beau Butler & Reese Rideout]


7 thoughts on “Look At All Of This ASS”

  1. An asshole is much more beautiful to look at than a dick. Reese Rideout’s ass is very nice, round. Beau Butler’s getting automatic from so many scenes he’s been doing. And his asshole got huge! That must have been a result of that gross gangbang scene. With so many dicks, his asshole could only get damaged.

    1. Right? They trimmed all his body hair but left his hole covered like he’d catch a cold if a breeze passed over it

  2. Nothing new to report in these videos. Same ole vanilla shit. In porn sometimes you need to shake it up or you get rehashed scenes over and over. Then members move on to something w/ more content.

    1. That is so damn true. Two men getting completely naked and fucking in bed. That’s been done a million times.. Some of these studios have no imagination, with the exception of until they do their stupid “shocked females” theme that has been dragged on for WAY too long.

  3. Beaus obviously trying to make as much money in porn as quickly as he can. Should be careful though….starting to look like a worn out flip flop.

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