Luke Milan Can Swiffer My Floors Naked Anytime

In the latest scene from Next Door Buddies, Luke Milan is a nude housekeeper, and newcomer Quentin from that Reunion series gets a last name, and it is Gainz.

Yes, here we have Quentin Gainz playing the part of a clueless husband who is sitting around reading Tina Fey’s book Bossy Pants when suddenly he realizes that a naked man has been cleaning his house for the past hour.

And look! It seems that Quentin used the money he made from that first scene to himself a fresh tattoo, in cursive on his right pectoral, “Tomorrow Is Never Promised.” Wait, what? Is that like a fancy way of saying YOLO?


Luke appears in the living room with his big boner and convinces Quentin, pretty easily, to let him suck his dick. And then, whoop, Quentin’s bottoming for him like a pro, even though this is all brand new to him.

Luke Milan, anyway, is exactly what I would want to show up if I hired a nude housecleaning service, but that would never happen.














[Next Door Buddies: Naked Housekeeper]

3 thoughts on “Luke Milan Can Swiffer My Floors Naked Anytime”

  1. Johnn… man, I agree. I don’t have an issue with tatts -people may do to their bodies what they wish but to me SO many just attempt to look ‘alt’ and ‘fierce’ but their ink just looks like Oriental rugs spread all over gorgeous, pristine skin. If only some of these beauties would realize their tatts make them look to some, average and suburban. But, we do to our bodies what we want. C’est la vie.

  2. Milan acts really strange in this. He’s a good looking guy, but he contorts his face in ways that are really unsexy. And then there’s that strange orgasm. I used to date a guy who orgasmed like that every time he came, and he passed out once. It was really odd. Dude needs to breathe! Gainz on the other hand, is super sexy. Even with that ugly ink that’s getting worse, the blue shirt and clueless attitude really works for him.

  3. are there ANY porn guys with out tattoos? tattoos are sooo over done sooo common theres really nothing new or edgy or different, any guy that really wants to stand out in porn today dont get a tat lol

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