Malik Delgaty, Troye Dean

Malik Delgaty Looks Tasty in Aggressive Tub Fuck of Troye Dean

Sometimes, you just gotta stare in awe at a hot man, even if you’ve seen him naked hundreds of times before. Case in point: Malik Delgaty, who looks delicious from head to toe in this new scene, where the camera simply loves him as he shows off his aggressive side.

The scene also stars Troye Dean, but make no mistake, this is the Malik Show. Right from the start, Malik looks like a snack dressed in just his towel—and when he disrobes and starts playing with himself in the bathroom, he takes it up a notch—rubbing lotion all over his smooth and sexy muscle bod (and soon elicits one of the trademarked “Shocked Troye Dean Faces” that we’ve come to know so well at

Malik Delgaty Malik Delgaty

Troye Dean

Malik Delgaty, Troye Dean Malik Delgaty, Troye Dean

Malik invites him in, and soon Troye is slobbering all over the jock’s stiff boner in a hot oral sequence. The twink then offers his hole, and proceeds to take it in a number of different positions. I’ve noted before that I’m not usually a fan of bathroom tub fucks, because so often they just look incredibly uncomfortable for the performers. But damn if Malik doesn’t make this one work, especially when Troye sits down on him. The top extends and straightens his legs, then sinks his body into the tub before thrusting back up again—embracing the seemingly challenging setting as he fucks the bottom fast (but I really wish Troye was hard here!).

Malik Delgaty, Troye Dean Malik Delgaty, Troye Dean

Malik Delgaty, Troye Dean

Malik Delgaty, Troye Dean

Malik Delgaty, Troye Dean

I love seeing Malik grab Troye’s hair as he rails him doggy, and we also get a hot piledriver. After Troye squirts, the two then head outside by the hot tub as the sub sucks Malik’s juicy rod to work out that creamy load. Has Malik ever looked hotter? I’m sort of re-appreciating what he brings to the table (and when you can make me virtually ignore Troye, who I adore, that’s saying something!).

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4 thoughts on “Malik Delgaty Looks Tasty in Aggressive Tub Fuck of Troye Dean”

  1. “…with a grain of salt” comment: MY “ideal Malik” would have a hairy chest, pits, pubes and legs…and a nice thick, trimmed, beard! Well, I guess I just gave away MY preferences, LOL.

    On a more serious “porn preference” note, I just think it’s somehow sexier if the bottom, while getting nciely fucked by a hot top, shows HARD the entire time.

  2. Universal Potentate

    Malik, love him to death but, needs to train his legs and ass more. More muscle mass and more definition in the lower body would be helpful.

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