Marcus Mojo/Landon Mycles Becomes Exclusive, Bottoms For Jimmy Fanz

It wasn’t hard to guess after his first full gay porn scene in over two years surfaced on a couple weeks ago that Marcus Mojo a.k.a. Landon Mycles would be back for more. And now we get his second scene in which he’s already being made a exclusive.

It’s titled The Next Men Exclusive Part 1, it arrives on October 4th, Jimmy Fanz is his scene partner, and once again some of you are going to cry foul about once smooth and luscious Marcus turning into hairy, blue-eyed beast Landon. But plenty of you clearly like the body hair too.

And for those who missed it, you can see Marcus/Landon doing that flip-flop with Brenner Bolton right here.


[ The Next Men Exclusive Part 1]



5 thoughts on “Marcus Mojo/Landon Mycles Becomes Exclusive, Bottoms For Jimmy Fanz”

  1. It might help if you actually watched the scenes you are posting about. The scene with Brenner was most definitely NOT a flip flop scene (as if Brenner could stay hard long enough to top anyone).

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