Mark Dalton And “Another Side Of Bodybuilding”


After I graduated High School I soon started really hitting the gym hard. I read different muscle magazines and I wanted more than anything to look like the guys that were featured inside the magazines. So I made up my mind that I was going to make that happen. Well soon after that I was approached by a photographer and I shot for some magazines. Which introduced me to another side of bodybuilding. So I pursued that for some time and made somewhat of a success in doing so. Now I am 100% mind body and soul into pursuing a career in competitive bodybuilding. There is nothing that gives me more satisfaction than pushing myself further than I think I can go to get where I need to get. Bodybuilding is in no way a hobby to me rather it is my life.

The bio from Mark Dalton/Jeremy Sons’ website, as forwarded to me this morning from Dalton/Sons’ gay porn manager David Forest. Is Forest managing Sons’ bodybuilding career now? Oh, dear. The bio, of course, fails to make mention of Dalton’s career in gay pornography, unless being “introduced to another side of bodybuilding” is code for cumming on command. Is omitting gay porn from his bio due to homophobia in the prestigious world of bodybuilding, or is gay porn simply not relevant to who Jeremy Sons is today? Either way, why am I getting emails about him? Leave me alone, please.

6 thoughts on “Mark Dalton And “Another Side Of Bodybuilding””

  1. Making a living from professional bodybuilding is not a viable option, except for just a select few at the top, and even then it is rare. He must have other means of support, whatever that might be.

  2. I’m pretty sure what he meant by “another side of bodybuilding” is the muscle worship videos. There are lots of bodybuilders who do muscle worship videos, whether they’re nude or not.

  3. Wonder if he regrets all the ink now. I’m sure if his life is now just going from one contest to another (how fulfilling) that tattoos work against you in judging. True?

  4. In all fairness, he never really had much of a “career” in gay porn. Weren’t all of his videos solos except for the “muscle worship” video he did with Zeb Atlas (which also had no sex to speak of)?

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