Adrian Hart, Reign

Max Konnor, Reign, & Adrian Hart Get Into A Different Kind Of Pup Play

We’ve been telling you about Men’s Briefs, the Falcon Studios film that sees porn stars like Leo Forte and Devin Franco stepping behind the camera to direct their own short stories, for a couple of weeks now and now it’s finally time to talk about the big scene from performer-turned-director Max Konnor!

The Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive’s scene officially drops on Friday morning and features a very… interesting… take on pup play. Instead of wearing the typical leather/neoprene puppy hood that’d you usually see on the streets of Folsom, performer Adrian Hart can be seen in the video sporting a full-on doggy onesie and acting like a literal dog that’s trashing Max Konnor’s apartment and pissing on the cabinets.

Adrian Hart, Reign

The puppy only stops dismantling Max’s house when he realizes that muscle hunk Reign is his dogsitter for the evening. (I too would stop everything I was doing if I found out that I was going to be with Reign for a night!) It’s then that Adrian wishes he could stop being a good boy and magically become a real boy that’s able to take on every last inch of Reign’s curved dick.

Since this is a gay porno, the dog’s wish is granted through an elaborate dream sequence where we get to see the actual Adrian appear without his costume and service Reign before the dogsitter takes his bone and buries it in Adrian’s tight backyard. Take a look below at some of the action:

Adrian Hart, Reign Adrian Hart, Reign Adrian Hart, Reign Adrian Hart, Reign Adrian Hart, Reign Adrian Hart, Reign

So what do you think about this fantasy fucking? Are you into pup play? Do you want Reign to throw you his bone? Sound off in the comments below and be sure to watch this entire bareback puppy scene over at Falcon Studios!

[Watch ‘Men’s Briefs’ w/ Reign & Adrian Hart]


2 thoughts on “Max Konnor, Reign, & Adrian Hart Get Into A Different Kind Of Pup Play”

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